University of California 4-H Youth Development Program Logos

The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program logo (UC 4-H logo) represents the 4-H program in California.

Please use the following guidelines to properly brand 4-H materials:

  1. The 4-H emblem guidelines also apply to using the clover in the UC 4-H logo.
  2. Use the UC 4-H logos as shown below. Do not move or resize the clover separately.
  3. Use a logo format with a transparent background when placing the UC 4-H logo on a background other than white. For a dark background use the white version; for a light background use the black version.

Use the UC 4-H logo on:

  • All print materials and handouts created for 4-H clubs and projects.
  • Apparel (shirts, hats, aprons, etc.) for County Ambassadors, State Ambassadors, state events, and teams representing California 4-H at national competitions and conferences.
  • Tablecloths and banners
  • The UC 4-H logo is preferred on 4-H club shirts when possible.
  • Social media posts for events open to enrollment statewide or nationwide should include the UC 4-H logo so it is clear that it is a California 4-H event.

If you have questions about branding or logos, please contact Suzanne Morikawa at morikawa@ucanr.edu.


Choosing a logo format

Please download the format of the logo that you need. Use our decision tree guides below to determine the format that you need for your project.


UC 4-H English - Horizontal

Format Color Black White/Reverse

PNG (transparent background)

Horiz Color - PNG

Horiz - Black PNG

Horiz White PNG

JPG (white background)

Horiz Color - JPG

Horiz Black - JPG

PDF (vector)

Horiz Color - PDF

Horiz Black - PDF

EPS (vector)

Horiz Color - EPS

Horiz Black - EPS

Horiz White - EPS


UC 4-H English - Vertical

Format Color Black White/Reverse

PNG (transparent background)

Vert Color - PNG

Vert Black - PNG

Vert White - PNG

JPG (white background)

Vert Color - JPG

Vert Black - JPG

PDF (vector)

Vert Color - PDF

Vert Black - PDF

EPS (vector)

Vert Color - EPS

Vert Black - EPS

Vert White - EPS


UC 4-H English No Tag

Format Color Black White/Reverse

PNG (transparent background)

No tag Color - PNG

No tag Black - PNG

No tag White - PNG

JPG (white background)

No tag Color - JPG

No tag Black - JPG

PDF (vector)

No tag Color - PDF

No tag Black - PDF

EPS (vector)

No tag Color - EPS

No tag Black - EPS

No tag White - EPS



UC 4-H Spanish - Horizontal


UC 4-H Spanish - Vertical


UC 4-H Spanish No Tag


4-H Emblem

All uses of the 4-H Emblem must be in compliance with the USDA guidelines for use of the 4-H emblem and name.

Overall guidelines:

  • The “18 U.S.C. 707” mark must be included with the clover image.
  • The 4-H emblem cannot be used in place of words or letters in a word.
  • Do not rotate or reverse direction of the clover.
  • Do not cut off or cover the 4-H emblem.
  • The background should be a solid color.
  • The color of the clover must be PMS 347 Green, Black, or White. No other colors are allowed.
  • Black clover: H's should be white.
  • White clover: H's can be black or PMS 347 Green.
  • EXCEPTION: H's can be transparent for one-color printing onto a solid background.

For more detail, please see the USDA guidelines for use of the 4-H emblem and name.

Format Color Black White/Reverse

PNG (transparent background)

Color - PNG

Black with white H's - PNG

White with black H's - PNG

JPG (white background)

Color - JPG

Black - JPG

PDF (vector)

Color - PDF


EPS (vector)

Color - EPS

Black with white H's - EPS

White with black H's - EPS


4-H Grows Here

The 4-H Grows Here logo can be used in addition to the UC 4-H logo.

4-H Grows Here English


4-H Grows Here Spanish