National 4-H Week

National 4-H Week is October 2 - 8, 2022


#Opportunity4All Video

60 sec video about 4-H #Opportunity4All

  • 1920x1080 mp4
  • 1080x1080 mp4

Go to Google folder to download videos - upload mp4 directly to Facebook or county 4-H YouTube channel

Request a Proclamation from your local government

Proclamation Guide and Template (docx)

This guide gives an outline of how to request a proclamation from your local government. Please customize the Proclamation Template for your county 4-H program.

When you Receive a Proclamation

Please send the photo of the presentation to Suzanne at to have it shared on the California 4-H social media channels! Please include the names & titles of the elected officials as well as any 4-H youth and volunteers in the photos.

4-H Week Social Media Toolkit

Primary hashtag: #Opportunity4All

Secondary hashtag: #4HWeek #CA4H

Social Media Messaging

Customize the messages! Use #countyname4H, #CA4H. Also change the url to join to your county website url.

Social Media messages in English (docx)

Social Media messages in Spanish (docx)


Social Media images for Facebook and Instagram

This year we have templates created in Canva, a free online program to create graphic materials. Please see the templates below and click to access the Canva template.

Canva Template Guidelines

  1. You may replace the images and change the website link to your county 4-H website.
  2. Templates are using the current color palette and branding for 4-H.
  3. If you are adding text, please keep text away from the edges of the post.

Click image to open template.

National 4-H Week square social media graphics template2
National 4-H Week square social media graphics template2

Social Media Square graphics v1 - for use on Facebook & Instagram

Instagram Story video v1

Instagram Story video v2


Social Media Square graphics - Spanish (Canva template)

Instagram Story - Spanish (Google Drive folder)

National 4-H Week Print materials

The following materials can be used in the following ways:

  • As an email attachment
  • Printed and handed out at events
  • Printed and posted around town

*Please note - these are not for social media use.



National 4-H Week fliers - English
National 4-H Week fliers - English

National 4-H Week Flyers (Canva template)

National 4-H week fliers - Spanish
National 4-H week fliers - Spanish

National 4-H Week Flyers - Spanish (Google Drive)


Print Ads

National 4-H Week print ads - English (Canva template)

National 4-H Week print ads - Spanish (Google Drive)