Join 4-H!

Enroll today Canva flyer template

Customize template with your own photos and contact information.

CA 4-H Enroll Today flyer. Click image for PDF
CA 4-H Enroll Today flyer. Click image for PDF

Summer Reflections

Remind 4-H'ers about the great times they had over the summer using the following social media posts.Don't forget to remind them to renew their membership for another year of fun!

Each of these links is a Canva template. Please replace the images with your own summer event images.

Instagram Stories - Summer Reflections

Facebook/Instagram posts - Summer Reflections

Back to School/ Recruitment

Update your website and social media with posts about going back to school and to join 4-H.

Each link below is a Canva template.

  1. Edit the templates using your own photos.
  2. Change the the website link to your county website to join
  3. Use the posts as-is to simplify your social media scheduling!

CA 4-H Enrollment - website images Use one of these images on your homepage to remind people to join and renew their membership!

Facebook Cover - Enroll Today

Facebook and Instagram posts - Enrollment - These square posts can be used on both Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram Stories - Enroll Today - Instagram stories can reach more people than just your followers!

Recruitment flyer Customize the flyer with what's available in your club to join.

  • Send the flyer as an attachment in an email.
  • Print the flyer to hand out at events.
  • *NOTE: Please do not use the flyer on social media - it is not sized correctly for Facebook or Instagram.

Alumni Spotlight

Inspire youth with a spotlight on one of your young alumni.

Alumni Spotlight - square (for use on Facebook and Instagram)