California 4-H Groundswell Debit Card

California 4-H Groundswell Visa Debit card

An easy way to support your local county 4-H program

The 4-H card directly benefits your county's 4-H program. The more people who are interested in this sustainable way to raise funds for your local 4-H program, the more impact it will make.

A partnership with the California 4-H Foundation and Groundswell

The California 4-H Foundation engaged Groundswell to develop the California 4-H Groundswell Visa Debit Card. Groundswell is a mission-driven organization that builds financial support for nonprofits like 4-H.

This program is designed to leverage the spending power of all 4-H supporters and deliver back funds directly to the county's 4-H program.


How does my county make money?

When users sign up, they choose the county they want funds to go to. The more people who sign up for your county and use the cards for their spending, the more money your county could make.

There are 2 ways funds are generated:

1. Interchange fees

Interchange fees are transaction fees that banks charge to merchants each time a card is used. They are calculated as a percentage of the transaction. When you use your 4-H debit card for purchases, Groundswell redirects 1% of these fees back to your chosen county 4-H program.

2. Roundup

Cardholders can choose to RoundUp purchases to the next whole dollar amount. These additional cents go directly to 4-H, and are tax deductible for the cardholder!


Help your County 4-H Program get to its first $500!

1. Sign up for a card

Go to and fill out the form on the bottom of the page. You will be emailed the application to get the card.

2. Choose a monthly amount to put on the card

Use the card for budgeting for 4-H projects, or for general household budgeting. Purchasing online also is more secure since you are not sharing your bank or credit card information!

3. Spread the word

Sign up your council and VMOs!

Part of the proceeds raised will go directly to your county's Council or VMO, so make sure they are involved in the campaign too! Share the Playbook resources with them so they can help spread the word.

Share the one-page flyer with family and friends.

Promote getting and using the card on your social media accounts.

Bookmark the California 4-H card social media images site hosted by Groundswell:

  • Social media images that can be used on Facebook and Instagram
  • Sample videos
  • Use the sample video script to record your own personal message to supporters in your county.