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Alison Van Eenennaam Ph.D.

Photo of Alison Van Eenennaam Ph.D.
CE Specialist Animal Biotechnology and Genomics
Animal Science
One Shields Avenue
2113 Meyer Hall
Davis, CA 95616-8521
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Alison Van Eenennaam is a Professor of Cooperative Extension in the field of Animal Genomics and Biotechnology in the Department of Animal Science at  the University of California, Davis.  She received a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne in Australia, and both an MS in Animal Science, and a PhD in Genetics from UC Davis. Her research and outreach program focuses on the use of animal genomics and biotechnology in livestock production systems. She has a multifaceted research program that has included work on the genetic modification of dietary milk lipids for the improvement of human health, the uses of DNA information and biotechnologies in beef cattle production systems, and the development of genome editing approaches for cattle. She has served as a past member of the USDA’s National Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture, a temporary voting member on the FDA’s AquAdvantage Genetically-Engineered Salmon Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee, and  was on the United States NASEM study committee for “Science Breakthroughs 2030: A Strategy for Food and Agricultural Research”. She has given over 750 invited presentations to audiences globally, and uses a variety of media to inform general public audiences about science and technology. She frequently provides a credentialed voice on controversial scientific topics, and has appeared on national media including The Dr Oz Show, Science Friday, and the Intelligence Squared debate series. She appeared in the 2017 documentary “Food Evolution” narrated by science-communicator Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. A passionate advocate of science, Dr. Van Eenennaam was the recipient of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology 2014 Borlaug Communication Award, and the American Society of Animal Science 2019 Rockefeller Prentice Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Twitter: @BioBeef


PhD Genetics, University of California, Davis. 1997
M.S. Animal Science, University of California, Davis. 1989
B.S. (Hons.) Agricultural Science, The University of Melbourne. 1987



Animal genomics, biotechnology, beef cattle, genetic engineering, animal breeding

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