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User Manual - FTE CE Specialists UCD-CAES

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FTE Reporting due July 1, 2020

Instructions for CE Specialists at UCD-CAES only


FTE reporting is required and the information you provide is used in accountability, advocacy, and resource planning efforts. By July 1st (11:59PM), please follow the instructions below to report your condition change FTE.


All other information (themes, projects, activities) is due in Project Board on March 1, 2021.


Condition Change FTE for SFY2020



Read the instructions below and/or watch this 7-minute training video.



  • Sign onto ANR Portal at ucanr.edu/portal and click “Go to Project Board now” on the right side. Please do NOT use Internet Explorer or Safari. Firefox and Chrome are supported web browsers.
  • Click on F.T.E. in the top menu of Project Board.
  • On the Condition Change FTE module, click on the blue edit icon and follow the onscreen instructions and hover-over tips.
  • Report the effort you spent from July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 (SFY2020).
  • Use the dropdown lists to assign your program areas and condition changes. View ANR's Program Team webpage for a complete listing of program areas and ANR's strategic plan subpage for a complete listing of condition changes.
  • Be a lumper, not a splitter: Consider selecting at most 3 condition changes. It is highly recommended that you select an existing condition change from the list. Only you will see your user-defined condition changes in Project Board. ANR will periodically review user-defined condition changes and modify as needed. 
  • Only use the "administration" program area if you have an administrative appointment such as County Director, Statewide Program Director, Research and Extension Center Director, etc. You may select a few condition changes toward which your administrative appointment contributes and/or create a generic, user-defined condition change such as "REC director administration."
  • Report your effort as 100% of your Cooperative Extension appointment. If you did not work the entire fiscal year, please report 100%. Analysts will prorate to your actual appointment as needed.
  • When you are finished, click on the blue Submit for 2019-2020 button in the Condition Change FTE module. You can re-submit at anytime, but a snapshot of your response will be taken every year on July 1st (11:59PM) for analysis.
  • Note: If you intend to report the same level of efforts that you reported last year, please complete the steps above to review and submit.


About Condition Changes


In the summer of 2017, as part of the Strategic Plan Goal 5 work to focus programming and services to achieve the 2025 Strategic Vision, UC ANR underwent a collaborative process to identify condition changes that illustrate the public value of our work. Condition changes represent broad environmental, health or economic benefits at a societal level (recognizing that UC ANR may be only one contributor towards these long‐term outcomes). Program Team Leaders, Statewide Program and Institute Directors and Strategic Initiative Leaders, working with their colleagues, developed the list of 24 condition changes. Visit the Condition changes webpage to see results of 2017 and 2018 reporting.



FAQs about FTE reporting


I am a new hire, do I have to report? à Individuals hired on January 1, 2020 or later do not need to respond to this action. If you are receiving this email, you have to report J


I am planning to retire or leave ANR soon, do I have to report? à If you are retiring or separating from ANR soon, please continue to report your FTE for the SFY2020. If you are receiving this email, you have to report J


Why is condition change FTE reporting on the state fiscal year and everything else in Project Board on the federal fiscal year? à Project Board was built to serve multiple information gathering purposes. FTE information is primarily used for resource planning purposes, which is needed on the state fiscal year.


Why is condition change FTE reporting due July 1st and not included in the March 1st due date? à The July 1st due date gives users the ability to be more accurate regarding their effort spent during the period (7/1/19-6/30/20).




Technical Assistance


For questions and technical assistance, please contact Program Planning & Evaluation analysts Kit Alviz (kit.alviz@ucop.edu or 510-987-0027) or Christopher Hanson (christopher.hanson@ucop.edu or 510‐987‐0628) or visit Project Board Help for User Manuals and more information.


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