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Lending libraries

Lending Reference Libraries


A collection of five lending reference libraries. ANR personnel may borrow any of these materials, free of charge. To receive information on any of these libraries, please send an e-mail to lisa.rawleigh@ucr.edu. We will send you a catalog and loan information.


·         Communicate in Spanish! Learn Español at Your Own Pace


A lending library of multi-media materials to learn or practice Spanish. The library includes: video tapes, CD-ROMS, CDs, cassette tapes, textbooks, workbooks, scripts, flash cards and dictionaries. A very popular resource--DESTINOS--that has been broadcast on PBS is part of this collection of learning tools. The materials are arranged in six categories: beginning, beginning/intermediate, intermediate, intermediate/advanced, advanced, and for all levels.


·         Working with the Media.

A collection of resources on working effectively with the general and the Spanish-language media.


·         Latino/Hispanic Issues.

A collection of eight mini-libraries focusing on Latino/Hispanic issues:

  Demographic data/Research with Hispanics/Sociology

  Hispanic/Latino Directories

  Hispanic Population and Culture

  Mexican History and Culture

  Immigration and Politics

  Farm Workers

  Language and Culture

  Literacy and Education


·         Multicultural Awareness.

A collection of resources on intercultural communication and awareness: customs, beliefs, regional dialects, religious beliefs, food and nutrition, linguistic differences, etc.


·         Personal and Professional Development.

A collection of audio programs, books, handbooks and "50-minute books" from SkillPath, National Press, American Management Association, etc.