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Commercial landscaping

Trees and shrubs (docs)

Turf and lawns (docs)

Fire: Dealing with Wildfire

UC ANR Fire site


Gardening pests

Birds, Mammals & Reptiles (docs)

Growing Vegetables, Fruits & Nuts (docs)

Insects, Mites & Molluscs (docs)

Plant Diseases (docs)

Weeds & Unwanted Plants (docs) 

UC IPM (Web) ; UC IPM YouTube

Home & Family


Caring for Children (docs)

Financial Fitness (docs)

Home Safety (docs)

Pests & bugs in the home UC IPM (Web)

Youth Development & After-School Programs (docs)

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants


Lawn and Landscape

Climate zones

Climate zones


Flowers (docs)

Flowers (UC Integrated Pest Management web)

Healthy soils (web)




Landscaping for fire (docs)

Lawns and Turf

Lawns (docs)

Lawns & Turf (UC Integrated Pest Management web)

Healthy Soils

Healthy soils (web)

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs (docs)

Trees & Shrubs (UC Integrated Pest Management web)

Landscape trees web

Tree mortality ppt


Water wise gardening (docs)

Choosing plants based on water use WUCOLS dBase

Healthy soils (web)


Gardening under drought

Drought Gardening tips

Drought Irrigation tips

Choosing plants based on water use WUCOLS dBase


Home poultry 

Vegetable Gardening


Growing Vegetables

Backyard Orchardist (UC Master Gardener web)

California Garden Web (UC Master Gardener web)

Growing Tomatoes in the Home Garden (ANR publications)

Food Gardening (from Sonoma County)

Food Gardening with Less Water Resources (from Sonoma County) 

Vegetables & Melons (UC IPM web)

Vegetable Gardening Basics (ANR publications)

Vegetable RIC (Web)

Healthy Soils

Healthy soils (web)


Food Safety

Food Safety in your Home Vegetable Garden (ANR publications)


UC Integrated pest Management (IPM) (Web)

UC IPM YouTube 

What's wrong with my plants?

UC Diagnostic tool (UC IPM web tool)

Contact a  Master Gardener in your county.



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