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Agritourism activities

Agritourism activities include…

  • On-farm Direct Sales (U-pick, farm stands, dairy, wine, beer, farm products, etc.).
  • Accommodations/Lodging (farm stays, guest ranch, B&Bs, camping, cabins, etc.).
  • Entertainment/Special Events (harvest festivals, corn mazes, farm dinners, weddings, parties, etc.).
  • Outdoor Recreation  (picnicking, swimming, hunting, fishing, photography, horseback riding, snowmobiling, biking, etc.)
  • Educational Activities (farm or ranch work experience, camps, classes,
    tours, tastings, demonstrations, petting zoos, etc).


Main Sources of Agritourism Revenue (2014):

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primary co

profitability chart

source: Multi-institutional interdisciplinary research project – survey of 288 western agritourism operators as part of 3 year USDA grant: “Place-Based Innovation: An Integrated Look at Agritourism in the Western US