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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

How to submit photographs for publication

Communication Services prefers digital files but will scan slides if necessary and return them to you.

Submit each digital photo in a separate file (not in a Word or Powerpoint file). When naming the files, include the figure number and a key word describing the photo in the name.

RAW format is best, TIFF and EPS are acceptable. JPEG files over 3 mb are acceptable for print; files under 3 mb are good enough only for online publications. JPEG files under 1 mb are usually not acceptable even for online publications.

Make sure each photo has a callout in the text of your publication, as in “(fig.1).” Also make sure that you have obtained permission to publish photos that require permission.

Along with the photos, submit a figure list in the form of a Microsoft Word table that gives the following information for each image: caption, figure number, photographer or source credit, and digital filename. A thumbnail of the photo is very helpful. See this sample figure list.

You can send digital photo files to Communication Services on a CD or DVD, or, if you have only a few photos, compress them into one file and put them on the FileVault for Ann Senuta ( (see the FileVault page at

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