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To join an existing Workgroup, please email the group's chair or co-chair. Contact information is available on the below Workgroup pages or on individual faculty pages.

Workgroup Directory

Workgroup Chairs
Aging Californians in Rural and Urban Settings Mary Blackburn
Agriculture and Nature Tourism Holly George
Penny Leff
Agroecology and Organic Farming Systems Sonja Brodt
Air Quality John Karlik
Frank Mitloehner
Alfalfa and Forage Systems Daniel Putnam
Almond Katherine Jarvis-Shean
Animals in Educational Settings Martin Smith
Beef Safety and Quality Assurance James Oltjen
Bioenergy Stephen Kaffka
Body Weight and Health Margaret Johns
Building Food Security Christy Getz
Building Partnerships with Native American Communities Jennifer Sowerwine
California Communities Gail Feenstra
Christy Getz
California Naturalist Sabrina Drill
Adina Merenlender
Climate Change Adaptation Ted Grantham
Faith Kearns
Susie Kocher
Tapan Pathak
Leslie Roche
Cling Peach Roger Duncan
Conservation Biology Calvin Qualset
Conservation Tillage Jeffrey Mitchell
Cotton Robert Hutmacher
Dairy Goats Leslie Butler
Dairy Health and Production Jennifer Heguy
Noelia Silva-del-Rio
Dairy Quality Assurance Betsy Karle
Deanne Meyer
Michael Payne
Desert Jose Aguiar
Oli Bachie
Michael Rethwisch
Diversity in Youth Development
Dry Chain Workgroup Irwin Donis-Gonzalez
Ecological Restoration Travis Bean
Economics and Mgmt in Food , Ag, Nat Res and the Environment Tina Saitone
Entomology Jhalendra Rijal
Kris Tollerup
Environmental Education Gregory Ira
Environmental Flows Ted Grantham
Samuel Sandoval Solis
Environmental Observation Network
European Pear Rachel Elkins
Exotic Fruit Fly Ted Batkin
Marshall Johnson
Susan Opp
Families with Young Children Lenna Ontai
Drusilla Rosales
Fire Max Moritz
Lenya Quinn-Davidson
Kate Wilkin
Floriculture and Nursery J. Lieth
Lorence Oki
Food Safety Linda Harris
Food Safety Horticultural Crops Linda Harris
Trevor Suslow
Forest Ecosystems and Communities William Stewart
Grain Legume Rachael Long
Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Anna Martin
Integrated Grape Production Monica Cooper
Integrated Management of Soilborne Pests Jim Farrar
James Stapleton
Land Use Maggi Kelly
Landscape and Urban Horticulture Karrie Reid
Steven Swain
Linking Research & Education in Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology Kent Bradford
Peggy Lemaux
Alan McHughen
Shannon Mueller
Alison Van Eenennaam
Livestock Production Systems James Oltjen
Money Talks Katherine Soule
Patti Wooten Swanson
Mosquito Research and Extension Gregory Lanzaro
Nematology Andreas Westphal
Oak Woodland Conservation Luke Macaulay
Devii Rao
Peppers Jose Aguiar
Joe Nunez
Pest Management in ANR Emily Symmes
Pesticide Use Report Minghua Zhang
Pistachio Louise Ferguson
Plant Pathology Brenna Aegerter
Florent Trouillas
Positive Youth Development through 4-H Camp Experiences Marianne Bird
John Borba
Postharvest Technology Center Angelo Deltsidis
Florence Negre-Zakharov
Precision Agriculture Andre Biscaro
Alireza Pourreza
Prune Luke Milliron
Rangeland Watershed Program Kenneth Tate
Rice Luis Espino
Science Education and Extension Jessica Bautista
Steven Worker
Small Farm Aparna Gazula
Margaret Lloyd
Small Grain Mark Lundy
Spray Application Technology Franz Niederholzer
Strawberry Surendra Dara
Sub Tropical Crops Akif Eskalen
Ben Faber
Turfgrass James Baird
UAS (Drones) Workgroup Andy Lyons
Urban Horticulture Darren Haver
Vegetable Crops Steven Fennimore
Volunteer Leader Development Charles Go
JoLynn Miller
Walnut Emily Symmes
Warm Season Vegetables Thomas Turini
Amber Vinchesi-Vahl
Waste Management and Compost Maria de la Fuente
Water Quality Jay Gan
Stephen Grattan
Stephen Kaffka
Laosheng Wu
Weed Whitney Brim-DeForest
Thomas Getts
Wildlife Roger Baldwin
Jeffery Stackhouse
Woody Biomass Utilization John Shelly,
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