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  • Academic Human Resources

  • Staff Compensation and Employment

  • Employee & Labor Relations

  • Affirmative Action

  • Learning and Development

  • Disability Leave & Management


This overview summarizes the services provided by ANR Human Resources for Academics and Staff employees, and identifies key contacts.  Please be in touch if we can be of service. We’re here to help.


John Fox, Executive Director

Use the e-Service Center to contact HR.

Academic HR E-Service Center: 

Staff HR E-Service Center:

Academic Human Resources

Tina Jordan, Manager  

-  Academic recruitments and hiring

-  Merit and promotion

-  Academic consulting, professional activities

-  Sabbatical Leave requests

-  Workforce data accounting



Staff Compensation & Employment

Bethanie Brown, Manager

-  Staff recruitments and hiring

-  Applicant Tracking System (CATS) support

-  Job development and classification

-  Salary setting and equity reviews

-  Rewards and recognition

-  Organizational development  


Affirmative Action

John Fox, Interim AA Compliance & Title IX Officer

-  Advice and consultation

-  Compliance monitoring

-  Investigating, resolving discrimination, harassment complaints 


Learning & Development

Jodi Azulai, Coordinator

-  Training Resource

-  Career Development

Employee & Labor Relations

Mary Vlandis, Supervisor

-  Advice and consultation

-  Conflict resolution

-  Compliance, complaints and grievances

-  Labor contract negotiation, implementation

-  Layoff administration

-  Performance management


Leave Management

Jodi Rosenbaum, HR Generalist  

-  Absence management

-  Disability compensation and management

-  Disability-related work restrictions

-  Family Medical Leave

-  Workers’ compensation program

Disability Management

David Ritz, Disability
Management Services Coordinator

-  Reasonable accommodation

-  Disability-related work restrictions



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Employee Benefits Customer Service telephone hours are 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday – Friday

(530) 752-1774

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