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Latest training opportunities:


Spotlight Webinar - Helping Water Rights Owners Comply with CA Water Diversion Reporting Requirements
October 15, 2019
Learn about the training that Khaled Bali, Daniele Zaccaria, Allan Fulton, and Larry Forero have provided throughout the state of California to prepare water rights holders who divert or store more than 100acre foot annually to comply with California State Bill 88. read more here.

Wellness in the Workplace
October 17, 2019

Satinder Gill, Psyc. D. UC Davis will touch on topics including:
Overview of
ASAP (Academic and Staff Assistance Program)
Identify signs and symptoms of stress
How gratitude and self-compassion can help us cope with stress...read more here.

Communicating Your Story: For Blogs and More
October 23, 2019

In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll cover the basics of communicating your story through blogging, with a particular focus on creating content for ANR sites. The webinar will include the following:

  • Why you should blog;
  • Techniques and best practices to get started…or get better;
  • Crafting catchy headlines and smart ledes;
  • Using images and video to enhance your posts;
  • Using your blog on the ANR website and on other publishing platforms, including LinkedIn; and
  • Quick tips for effectively using site-builder...read more here.

Accomplishing More with Less
Oct. 23 8:30-noon | @ UC Davis or UC Davis Health (registration)
This workshop covers topics relating to managing time, managing priorities, managing to-do lists, organizing e-mail, electronic documents, papers, and most importantly being invigorated and re-energized in the workplace and elsewhere.Writing Technical Documents
(UC Davis) (Register here)
Various dates (Next date: November 6 and beyond)

Practical Methods to Measuring Outcomes
November 7, ANR Building, Davis
December 10, Kearney REC, Parlier

 Workshop desired outcomes: Participants will gain. . . 

  • understanding of and experience in defining outcomes and identifying measurable indicators for your programs
  • understanding of evaluation data collection approaches and methods used by UCCE
  • progress on your outcomes evaluation plans/efforts

Led by Katherine Webb-Martinez, Associate Director of UC ANR Program Planning and Evaluation Office; Vikram Koundinya, UCCE evaluation specialist; and UCCE advisor co-presenters TBA. Please register here and request travel funds provided by ANR Learning & Development budget.

Writing Strong Impact Statements
Nov. 8, ANR Building, Davis
Dec. 11, Kearney REC, Parlier

 Workshop desired outcomes: Participants will gain understanding and practice

  • organizing your program activities into themes for the merit and promotion process
  • using basic logic model techniques to connect program outcomes to UC ANR condition changes and public value
  • identifying condition change indicators to strengthen impact writing
  • writing impact statements for your programs -- for your merit and promotion efforts, for UC Delivers, and other communications

Led by Katherine Webb-Martinez, associate director of UC ANR Program Planning and Evaluation Office, and Mark Lagrimini, vice provost of research and extension. Please register here and request travel funds provided by ANR Learning & Development budget.

UC Delivers - now in easy to use blog format!
November 21, 2019

UC Delivers communicates your project’s measured outcomes and how these contribute to broader UC ANR condition changes and public value statements.  This presentation will include:

  • how to navigate the ANR website to find the UC Delivers blog
  • a step-by-step guide on writing a UC Delivers ...read more here.

Disability Management for Supervisors (3-hr In-person; UC Davis; Registration required; 4/16/2020)

This course addresses what supervisors need to know regarding the requirements to accommodate employees with disabilities under federal and state law as well as university policy. If classes are filled, sign up for the wait-list. Register here

Career Catalyst Lunchtime Series (UC Davis, Zoom options!)

New! My UC Career (UC Career Development Portal) (Demo)

Wellness workshops and other resources (in-person and Zoom options) at UC Davis.