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Reporting of non-traditional responsibilities in merit & promotion process: Information from Wendy Powers, Associate Vice President

California and the needs of its people evolve over time. So, too, do the roles and responsibilities of the UC ANR academic in order to meet the needs of a changing California. Recognition that today’s UC ANR academic may have different functions than they have in the past, and that there is greater variation within an academic title than in days past, it is essential to the success of our academics and UC ANR as a whole to provide flexibility when need be.

The current E-books provide general guidelines for success within each academic title and, where applicable, each rank. The guidelines are intended to reflect flexibility, accounting for differences between programs. These guidelines continue to be appropriate and applicable to a large number of UC ANR academics, particularly those in more ‘traditional’ roles.

As times change and UC ANR changes with those times, there is need for additional flexibility that is not readily available in the current E-Books. Examples where greater flexibility is needed include, but are not limited to:

  • Administrative leadership of program staff, as is the case for CE Advisors in some program areas;
  • Administrative leadership as a significant responsibility of the candidate, such as County Director, REC Director, Statewide Program or Institute Director, or Strategic Initiative Leader;
  • Administrative leadership that is the major responsibility of the candidate, such as Vice Provost or combination of roles outlined, above;
  • A multi-year detail assignment with no expectation of, nor time for, research during the review period;
  • Grant-funded academics with no UC ANR-funded salary component to support university or public service involvement.

As we seek to increase our academic footprint in creative ways, the prevalence of these situations, and perhaps other situations yet to be identified, will increase. As a result, I have asked Mark Lagrimini to work with the Academic Assembly Council Personnel Committee and the 2017-18 Peer Review Committee to provide a recommendation to me regarding E-Book changes that will provide the needed change in flexibility. Mark will convene a committee who will seek broad consultation and feedback from UC ANR academics. A recommendation for changes will be provided to me no later than April 1, 2019 for implementation in the 2019-2020 review cycle that begins October 1, 2019.

The goal of this action is to minimize change for those that the current guidelines work well for while simultaneously recognizing the valued efforts of those who have responsibilities and contributions that are less traditional.

For the benefit of those with non-traditional responsibilities and planning to seek a merit or promotion in 2019, the following is advised if the current E-Book guidelines do not fit the expectations of their title, rank or step:

  • Provide a statement of responsibilities and effort, as a percent of FTE, that has been devoted to those responsibilities, on average, over the course of the review period;
  • Responsibility categories should include: Extension, research, professional competency, service (both university and public), administrative leadership, or other (must be defined);
  • Documented agreement by your direct supervisor and their supervisor (2 signatures required);
  • Include this statement as an additional, standalone page in your dossier

Please note: This exception process only applies to the current review cycle. This exception process is NOT available for those academics utilizing the 13/24 month rule or acceleration.


Compensation Strategy for CE Advisors

UC ANR Associate Vice President Wendy Powers has announced the Compensation Strategy Plan for CE Advisors approved by UC President Napolitano. This program is effective October 1, 2018 for CE Advisors. Please click  here  for more information. You can also review the related CE Advisor salary table below.



Academic HR has developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions on Additional Compensation: Extramurally Funded Research. In certain circumstances, UC ANR academics may request approval to receive additional compensation for performing extra work on extramurally-funded research projects while utilizing accrued vacation leave. Sufficient funding for the additional compensation must be provided through the extramurally funded research project. If approved, you may be eligible to receive up to one-twelfth (1/12) of your annual salary for extra work performed during vacation.  A corresponding number of accrued vacation days will be deducted from your vacation leave balance. 

The FAQs and a request form are now posted on the Academic HR Academic Training & Resources page at: Additional Compensation Information

The FAQs apply to ANR academics whose personnel actions are processed by ANR. If you are a CE Specialist and your personnel actions are approved through a UC campus, you would follow your campus’ review and approval process for additional compensation requests. 

Tina Jordan

Manager, Academic Human Resources

Wendy Powers

Associate Vice President





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