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Academic Human Resources

Academic HR is the principal department for all academic personnel matters within the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Academic HR provides leadership, coordination and consulting services in applying academic personnel policies and procedures in recruitment, advancement, compensation and employee relations for academic appointees in the division. 

To better address your academic personnel questions and concerns, please contact Interim Academic Personnel Director, Tina Jordan at
Our mailing address is:   UC ANR Academic HR
2801 Second Street
Davis, CA 95616

AHR Current News and Information

CE Advisor Salary Equity Adjustment Plan 2021

Please see the link for full and complete details.


Extending the Academic Advancement Clock

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way in which each of us lives and works. UC ANR academics have had to modify their program, and some may have been negatively impacted. Implications of COVID-19 on one’s academic program are program-specific and continue to evolve. Understandably, academics have concerns about how the COVID-19 situation will affect research. UC policy allows an academic to request an extension of their academic advancement review due to implications caused by a natural disaster.  Please see the announcement for full and complete details. Please see the announcement for full and complete details here

Soft-funded Temporary Hire Information

To assist academics with the hiring of temporary positions, either direct hires or recruitments, please fill out the 1st Steps and RA Unit Handout Rev. 3/8/2021 and submit to Academic HR. The information you provide will help us determine the appropriate title and course of action. 

Please allow up to five business days for a response, which will include a tentative timeframe and next steps.


Merit and Promotion Evaluation Request form using Qualtrics Survey

For promotions, accelerated promotions, term reviews seeking indefinite status, career review advancement to full title VI or above scale, and career equity reviews

ANR Program Review Training Slides 2022

Training for merit and promotion

Calendar of Academic HR Deadlines for the Merit and Promotion Process and Skills Development Trainings

For the 2021-22 Merit and Promotion Calendar with other important dates: 2021-22 Academic Calendar


Academic HR Staff

Tina Jordan
Interim Academic Personnel Director
Office:  530-750-1280
Becky Sisman
Interim Academic Personnel Supervisor
Office: 530-750-1284
Pam Tise
Academic HR Business Partner
Tatiana Avoce
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1277
Alma Jackson
Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1267
Chris McKerracher
Academic HR Assistant
Office: 530-750-1267
Webmaster Email: