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bareroot tree

Question of the Month: What is a bare-root fruit tree? Answer

Editor's Pick for October: Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium)

Gardening tips for December.


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Garden for a Lifetime
Thursday, Dec. 5

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The Real Dirt

  • Frost damaged citrus leaves by Jack Kelly Clark, UC ANR
    Recognizing and Caring for Frost-Damaged Plants

    Plummeting winter temperatures often lead to frost damage in plants. The damage occurs when ice crystals form within plant tissue, damaging their cells. Leaves and tender new growth are usually affected first. Initially,...

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We attend several events and farmers markets throughout the year. Visit one of our informational booths for help with your gardening problems. Samples and photos are always welcome.

Advice to Grow By

Flowers and Landscape Plants
Butte County All-Star Plants
Climate Apropriate Plants for N. California (pdf)

Vegetable Planting Guides for the Chico Valley Area (pdf) and the Foothills (pdf)

Save Water in Your Home and Yard
Visit our Drought and Water-Wise Gardening section for up-to-date information.

Fire Recovery
Visit our Fire-Safe Landscape section for information on soil recovery, and how to plan your landscape to hinder fire.

Gardening Guide and Three-Year Journal
Compiled by the Butte County Master Gardeners, and now available to provide research-based, sustainable help with your yard and garden. All proceeds go to Master Gardener community outreach projects in Butte County. Just $20 and available here.

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