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Butte County All-Star Plants

All-Star Plant Chart

View the All-Star Plant chart to learn about plant characteristics. Apply a filter to view plants with similar characteristics, such as plant type or deer resistant. Use the sort feature to group plants by similar characteristics, such as light requirements or water usage.

How to apply a filter feature.

  • Click on Filter in the upper left hand corner.
  • Click + Add filter
  • Select which field to filter by
  • Select an option.
  • Add additional filters by clicking on + Add filter. For example find flowering perennials (first filter) that bloom in the fall (second filter).
  • Filters can be changed or removed at any time.

How to Sort.

  • Select the sort field in the upper left hand corner next to filter
  • Pick a field to sort by
  • Sort by 1 or multiple fields.

Brochure and Spreadsheet

Prefer print? Download a copy of the All-Star brochure and planting instructions, and an excel spreadsheet to aid in garden planning. The All-Star chart will still be available for color photos.

All-Star Plants spreadsheet (excel)

All-Star Plants brochure with planting instructions (pdf)

About the All-Star Garden

The Butte All-Star Garden was the first of our gardens to be planted at Patrick Ranch. Our goal is to identify the best landscaping plants for use in Butte County. Butte All-Stars must be:

  • easy to grow;
  • well suited to our climate and soils;
  • low-maintenance, especially in terms of fertilization and pruning;
  • drought tolerant;
  • able to support beneficial wildlife;
  • and readily available to home gardeners.

We compiled the list based on research and feedback from local nurseries and home gardeners with tried-and-true experience. We’re proud to share the success of this garden with the public and invite you to visit the All-Star Garden at the UC Master Gardeners of Butte County Demonstration Garden at Patrick Ranch.