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UC Master Gardeners of Butte County


Got Gardening Questions?

Visit or call the Hotline
Wednesday 9am-12pm
Thursday 1-4pm

Call: 530-538-7201

Or drop by: The Butte County Cooperative Extension Office
2279-B Del Oro Avenue
Oroville, CA 95965

You can also catch us in person at local farmers markets or at one of our information booths. Check out where we'll be on the Events page.

Help Us Help You

You never can tell what's at the root of the problem. Below are some questions we may ask when you call:

  • Name of plant
  • Age of plant
  • Soil type (loam, sandy, clay)
  • Current watering methods (drip, sprinkler, hand)
  • Frequency of watering
  • Sun exposure
  • Evidence of insects or other damage – check on both sides of leaves
  • Recent changes that may effect the plant (watering, fertilizing)

Samples and photos related to your question are strongly encouraged. Drop them by the office any time, or email them to:

Include a description of the problem.

What’s Hot Now?


by Barbara Hill

What is force flowering, and how do I do it?

Force flowering the branches of deciduous, blooming trees and shrubs is an easy way to bring the color and fragrance of springtime into one’s home. By bringing cut stems into the warmth and light, you’re tricking them into thinking it’s spring. You can force-bloom quince, spirea, forsythia, redbud, pussy willow, dogwood, spicebush, and serviceberry. Cuttings from fruit and nut trees, such as apples, peaches, cherries, plums, and almonds, can be successfully forced as well. Select branches with a large number of buds, being careful to remove only those that preserve the plant’s shape and structure. Cut at an angle, and immediately place in water. Place indoors in bright but indirect light, and change the water every three to four days. A show of blooms should appear in two to four weeks.


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