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Chico Farmers Market
December 20, 7:30am to 12:30pm
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Come by with your gardening questions. Samples and
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Neonicotinoids and Pollinators

Butterfly on flower
By Jeanette Alosi
Butte County Master Gardener
December 19, 2014

Declining populations of European honey bees, native bees and other pollinators have been well documented over the past few years.  Research indicates that a combination of factors have contributed to this decline.  These factors include:  habitat loss; poor nutrition; parasites such as the varroa mite; pathogens such as fungi and viruses; and exposure to pesticides. The role of chemical pesticides in the decline of pollinators has been widely studied.  Eric Mussen, a University of California Cooperative Extension expert on beekeeping (apiculturist), reported that researchers have found nearly 150...

Continue reading about neonicotinoids and pollinators.


Gardening Tips for December

  • Water plants as needed.
  • Harvest winter vegetables.
  • Cut chrysanthemums to 6”-8” above the ground after bloom.
  • Choose a living Christmas tree; keep it outside until Christmas week.
  • Prune non-flowering trees and shrubs while dormant.
  • Clean, sharpen, and store garden tools.
  • Mulch, water, and cover tender plants to protect from frost. Be sure to remove coverings during the day.
  • Brighten the holidays with poinsettias, amaryllis, calendulas, Iceland poppies, pansies, and primroses.
  • Stabilize plants that could be damaged by high winds.
  • Prune large trees to prepare for winter storms.


Vegetable Planting Guides

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Vegetable Planting Guide for the Foothills



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