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The Real Dirt: Fall-Blooming Natives

By Cindy Weiner, Butte County Master Gardener

October 17, 2014

By fall most summer-blooming plants have run their course, while summer-dormant plants are just beginning to start their new growth for the season.  You may feel your garden needs more color. Luckily for the gardener, there are some native plants which continue to bloom well into the fall and others which begin to bloom in late fall. Native to many plant communities throughout California, including Butte County, California fuchsia   (Epilobium canum) is a powerhouse that deserves a spot in every garden. This spreading perennial in the evening primrose family is available in low-growing forms that reach around...

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Gardening Tips for October

  • Apply chelated iron to azaleas, gardenias, and camellias if leave are yellowing between the veins.
  • Clean up the summer vegetable garden and compost the disease-free plant matter.
  • Harvest winter squash and pumpkins.
  • Plant cover crops in beds that will be rested during winter.
  • If needed, dig up corms and tubers of gladiolus, dahlias, and tuberous begonias after the foliage dies. Clean and store in a cool, dry, dark place.
  • Handpick snails and slugs.
  • Trim spent flowers from roses.
  • Apply mulch to bulbs and tubers left in the soil.
  • Fertilize established lawns and reseed bare spots.
  • Plant daffodils over a 2-3 week period for extended spring bloom.
  • Protect compost piles and bins from rain.



Gardening Questions?


Visit or Call the Hotline
Wednesday 9-12pm
Thursday 1-4pm

Call 530-538-7201

Or, drop by the Butte County Cooperative Extension Office
2279-B Del Oro Avenue 
Oroville, CA 95965

Catch us in person at local Farmers’ Markets or at one of our informational booths. Check out where we'll be on the Events page.

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