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Fall and Winter Spraying to Prevent Fruit Tree Diseases

Brent McGhie, Butte County Master Gardener, November 13, 2015

Peach leaf curl, citrus blast and brown rot of citrus fruit are diseases common in Butte County.  Fortunately, all three can be prevented or reduced with fall and winter spraying.  

Peach leaf curl is a fungal disease affecting only peaches and nectarines.  Its distinctive symptoms include the curling, reddening, and thickening of leaves as they open in the spring.  Diseased leaves will die and fall off, but are usually replaced by new, healthy leaves once the weather becomes warmer and drier.  Still, if this disease is left untreated, defoliation can lead to sunburned limbs followed by borer attacks.  Over several years, affected trees may decline and fruit production can be reduced.

To prevent peach leaf curl, trees must be sprayed with a fungicide after their leaves have dropped and they are dormant.  This is usually in late November, or December.  If it is a particularly wet winter, a second application of fungicide can be made in early spring, just as buds begin to swell.  An easy way to remember is to target spraying for “curly leaf” at Thanksgiving and again at Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday.  Once peach leaf curl symptoms appear (when trees leaf out in the spring) it's too late...Continue reading about Fall and Winter Spraying to Prevent Fruit Tree Diseases. 

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