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Catch Me If You Can: Harvesting the Rain

rain garden
Barbara Ott, Butte County Master Gardener
January 16, 2015

Many plants that do well in our Butte County Mediterranean climate flourish during the rainy season and can survive during the long dry summer. Gardens may receive too much rainwater when it is not immediately needed and too little when plant water demands increase. Annual rainfall in Butte County averages 26.6 inches in Chico, 30.7 inches in Oroville, and 58 inches in Paradise, with rain falling mostly between October and April.

With the current prolonged drought, we clearly must learn to save water up for the dry days to come. In California every drop of water counts.

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Gardening Tips for January

  • Protect frost-tender plants when temperatures fall below 32° F. 
  • Apply copper spray on peaches and nectarines to prevent leaf curl and clean up fruit mummies and debris to prevent disease. 
  • Bare-root plants are available in local nurseries. Order specialty seed from catalogs. 
  • Prune fruit trees, removing 15-20% of older growth for plums, apples and pears, 10% for cherries and 50% for peaches. 
  • Apply horticultural oil to fruit trees to control scale and mites. 
  • Divide daylilies, Shasta daisies, chrysanthemums, and other perennials. 
  • Start pruning roses.  
  • Clean up debris around other fruit trees to prevent pests from overwintering.


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