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Summer-Blooming Bulbs

by Brent McGhie, Butte County Master Gardener, February 5, 2016

Most bulbs, including most native plant bulbs, are planted in the fall, but February is an ideal time to plant several summer-blooming bulbs. Summer-blooming “bulbs” that benefit from February planting include Amaryllis, tuberous begonia, calla, Canna (canna lily), Calochortus (Mariposa lily), Crocosmia, dahlia, gladiolus, Liatris, lilies, Tigridia, and tuberose.

Not all of these plants are technically bulbs. Both gardeners and plant companies alike tend to group true bulbs along with corms, rhizomes and tubers under the general heading of “bulbs.” A true bulb consists of layers of fleshy leaves, like an onion. Amaryllis, Chalochortus and lilies are true bulbs.

Corms are shaped like bulbs, but are solid (not layered) inside. Crocosmia, gladiolus and Liatris grow from corms.

A tuber is actually a fleshy underground stem and its “eyes” are buds from which new plants can develop. A potato is the most familiar example of a tuber. Tuberous begonias grow from tubers (other begonias form rhizomes) and dahlias develop from tuber-like roots. Rhizomes are actually underground stems. Cannas, callas and tuberose are summer-blooming plants that produce rhizomes....read the article Summer-Blooming Bulbs.

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