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About the Workshops

  • Registration is required for all workshops.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Unless indicated workshops at the Demonstration Garden are limited to 30; Pat’s Barn is limited to 50.
  • Heavy rain cancels outdoor workshops (unless noted); cancelled workshops will be rescheduled.

Workshop Locations

  • Pat’s Barn and the Demonstration Garden: Patrick Ranch, 10381 Midway, between Chico and Durham.
  • Private Residences: registered participants will receive an address via email one week before the workshop.

Questions? Need to cancel? Want to get on a Workshop Waiting List?
Please email us at anrmgbutte@ucanr.edu.


Worm Composting
Friday, October 5, 10 am–11:30 am
Durham Worm Farm (LIMIT 50)

Feed your kitchen scraps to the worms. Worm castings are considered by horticulturists to be the very best soil amendment available. You will learn how to make a simple worm bin, the type of worms to use, what to feed them, and how to use the compost.


Hardscape and How to Build a Water Feature for Your Garden NEW
Thursday, October 11, 10 am–11:30 am
Sutherland Landscape (LIMIT 20)

Hardscapes add interest, contrast, and functionality to any landscape. Learn to develop hardscape that best suits your garden design. If you choose hardscape materials that are permeable, water will filter through and recharge our groundwater. Create places to sit and rest in the garden. Include boulders, rocks, and loose rock walls to provide wildlife habitat.

Water features attract and nurture wildlife, including butterflies and bees. Find out about the different types of water features for the home garden, including those that continuously recycle running water and reduce water use.

We will meet at Sutherland Landscape to walk around and view the different materials available.


Firescape Landscaping and Deer Resistant Plantings NEW
Wednesday, October 17, 10 am–11:30 am
Demonstration Garden

Explore fire-wise strategies for a beautiful fire-safe landscape around your home. We will discuss defensible space and ways to modify what you already have, with emphasis on the many fire-resistant plants that are available.

Fire prone areas are usually in habitats that support native wildlife, including deer. This workshop also discusses plants and planting strategies that will discourage deer from decimating your garden.


Growing a Cutting Garden and Bulbs
Wednesday, October 24, 1 pm–2:30 pm
Private Residence in Chico (LIMIT 15)

This garden workshop and tour will explore plants that bloom in the fall. Chrysanthemums in particular do well in the fall and are one of the best cut flowers for the wide range of colors and sizes they offer; plus, once cut, they last!

A special feature of this Fall Garden Workshop will be the magic of bulbs. This workshop will be held in Wendy Brown’s private garden, and will feature some fall bloomers, including paperwhite narcissus, and if we are lucky, the yellow sternbergia. Wendy will share some of the plants and bulbs she likes best, as well as tips to figuring out “the jigsaw puzzle:” designing a garden that includes a succession of blooms to cut over the season. Wendy will also fashion demonstration bouquets.


Native Gardening
Thursday, October 25, 10 am–11:30 am
Demonstration Garden

Landscaping with native plants brings enormous benefits to your garden. They conserve water, attract pollinators and wildlife, and are tailored to our climate and conditions. Join Native Plant Maven and Master Gardener Cindy Weiner to learn how to select, site, plant, and care for these amazing flora.



Thursday, November 8, 9 am–10:30 am
Demonstration Garden (LIMIT 15)

Learn the best time to propagate woody perennials and divide plants; how to select and make cuttings; the proper techniques for dividing plants; the best planting mediums to use; and how to plant cuttings and divided plants. You will get to take home several plant starts from cuttings in our Demonstration Garden. Bring your own garden pruners; all other materials will be provided.


Rodent Control for Your Garden
Saturday, November 10, 10 am–11:30 am
Demonstration Garden

Have you ever looked out your window to see a prized plant shaking or rocking? That’s the sign of a pesky rodent doing its damage from beneath the surface. Given free rein, rodents can wreak havoc on our gardens! Learn methods to prevent, control, and discourage rodents such as gophers, moles, and voles, from destroying your vegetables and ornamentals, including a demonstration of trapping and baiting.



Pruning Rose Bushes NEW
Thursday, December 6, 10 am–11:30 am
Private Residence in Chico (LIMIT 15)

Rose bushes love a good pruning. It invigorates them, encourages reblooming, and helps keep them disease free. Learn when, how, and why to prune the various types of this popular and beautiful landscape plant, including grandiflora, floribunda, and hybrid tea roses. Our expert will devote a portion of this workshop to Questions and Answers.


Garden Tool Care
Tuesday, December 11, 10 am–11:30 am
Pat’s Barn

Winter is the best time to sharpen, oil, and perform routine maintenance on your hard-working garden tools. Rob Fanno from Fanno Saw Works will tell us how to take care of our garden tools. He will discuss the different types of garden tools, provide an overview of material differences in the selection process, discuss strengths and weaknesses of specific tools, and review tool care and maintenance.



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