Workshops for Fall 2019

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About the Workshops

Registration and cancellations

  • Registration is required for all workshops.
  • Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Heavy rain cancels outdoor workshops (unless noted); cancelled workshops will be rescheduled.

Workshop Locations

  • Pat’s Barn and the Demonstration Garden: Patrick Ranch, 10381 Midway, between Chico and Durham.
  • Private Residences: registered participants will receive an address via email one week before the workshop.
  • Other addresses are included in the description.

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Canning and Pickling NEW
Tuesday, Oct. 8
10am–12:30pm, Pat’s Barn
Limited to 15 participants.

Is there more to pickling than dill pickles and sweet relish? You bet! Pickling is an excellent way to preserve not only vegetables, but fruit, too. In this class you will learn a bit of the science of pickling, canning techniques, and tips and secrets to making good products that your family will love. We will have live demonstrations. You will be able to ask questions, build confidence, and be inspired by new ideas.


Turning Lawns to Natives NEW
Thursday, Oct. 10
10–11:30am, Pat’s Barn
Limited to 30 participants.

Congratulations. You’ve made the decision to convert some or all of your lawn to a more drought tolerant landscape. Say goodbye to mowing, and hello to lower water use and increased biodiversity. This workshop covers how to select drought tolerant plants to create a multi-layered garden, how to prepare planting beds, and provides tips for maximum impact in landscape design. 


All About Citrus NEW
Saturday, Oct. 19
10–11:30am, Hodges Nursery
9681 Midway, Durham
Limited to 20 participants.

This new workshop is taught by Ken Hodge, local fruit tree expert and long-time Master Gardener. Citrus trees have different requirements than trees that bear stone fruits and pome fruits. Learn how to give citrus trees what they need to produce delicious, healthy fruit. Ken will discuss selection and planting, plus the cultural practices of growing: fertilizing, watering, pruning, pH balance, and pest control. Ken will also touch on how even the most frost sensitive varieties of citrus can be planted in the warmer micro-climates in your yard. 


Rainwater Catchment
Tuesday, Oct. 29
9–11am, Private home in Chico
Limited to 20 participants.

Rainwater harvesting is a prudent tactic for gardening in times of drought and a warming climate. This introductory workshop will be at the home of a Master Gardener who has installed a 6,000-gallon roof harvesting system and begun to incorporate other methods such as bioswales. The workshop will cover basic strategies and materials needed for capturing rain and will discuss water quality, storage methods, and ways to pump stored water for irrigation.




Bees NEW
Tuesday, Nov. 5
10am–12pm, Pat’s Barn
Limited to 30 participants.

This workshop focuses on how to attract and support bees, nature’s most prolific pollinators, in our own gardens. You will learn about native and solitary bee biology and what habitat best sustains them. Lure bees to your yard and keep them happy with a bee house you will make at this workshop. Our presenter specialized in Entomology, earning a BA, MA, and PhD in that topic, and is a UCCE Vegetable Crops Advisor in Colusa, Sutter, and Yuba counties.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost for the bee house materials is $10.00. This fee is payable by cash or check only, on the day of the event. Checks are payable to U.C. Regents.


Year Round Rose Care NEW
Saturday, Nov. 9
10–11:30am, Pat’s Barn
Limited to 30 participants.

In this new workshop, three experts from the Butte Rose Society will discuss and demonstrate how to keep your roses healthy and happy throughout the seasons of the year. Topics covered will include soil management, planting, fertilizers, integrated pest management, and pruning. Rose varieties, fragrance, and exhibiting roses will be discussed as time allows.


Drip Irrigation Installation and Maintenance NEW
Wednesday, Nov. 13
10–11:30am, Demonstration Garden
Limited to 30 participants.

Drip irrigation is arguably the most efficient method of providing water to trees, crops, gardens, and landscapes. The surface drip irrigation system emitter was first developed in Israel, whose dry climate makes water conservation a necessity. This workshop will provide an overview of different options available for drip irrigation systems and how to install them. You will also learn how to troubleshoot and inspect your system, and how to make repairs when needed.


Worm Composting
Friday, November 15
10am–12pm, Durham Worm Farm
9033 Esquon Road, Durham
Limited to 30 participants.

Feed your kitchen scraps to the worms. Worm castings are considered by horticulturists to be the very best soil amendment available. You will learn how to make a simple worm bin, the type of worms to use, what to feed them, and how to use the compost.




Garden for a Lifetime
Thursday, Dec. 5
10:30am–12:15pm, Pat’s Barn
Limited to 30 participants.

Gardens and gardeners grow and change with time. And though the garden beckons as strongly as ever, tasks such as pulling weeds, pushing wheelbarrows, digging holes, pruning, hauling, and moving heavy objects becomes increasingly difficult with advancing years. But the idea of giving up our passion is unthinkable for most gardeners. To help you stay healthy and active in the garden, we offer practical advice that will help transform daunting chores into sustainable activities. We will share ideas about plants, labor saving techniques, and tools. Because cultivating good body balance and maintaining strength is important to continue to garden, this workshop includes a demonstration of easy yoga positions for gardeners.