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Garden Tips for July


  • Order seeds for cool season vegetables like broccoli, carrots, kale, and radishes.
  • Spruce up doorstep or patio containers with water-wise succulents and trailing sedums.


  • Check container plants daily.
  • As temperatures rise, adjust your automatic irrigation system to water more often if allowed by your water district.
  • Pinch the top pair of chrysanthemum shoots no longer than 5 inches to keep plants healthy.
  • Cut canna stems to the ground as they finish flowering. New stems will continue to appear.
  • Dig and divide overcrowded bulbs when the foliage dies off.
  • Deadhead daylilies, roses, and other bloomers as they finish flowering.
  • Fertilize roses.
  • Cut back lavender after flowering to promote a second bloom.
  • Prune wisteria to increase flowering next spring. Cut each shoot back to within 6 inches of main branches.
  • Trim faded crape myrtle flowers for more fall bloom.
  • Harvest vegetables promptly to encourage continued production.
  • Cut spent berry canes to the ground; tie up and fertilize new canes.
  • Monitor and deeply irrigate fruit and ornamental trees every other week to ensure root zone is constantly moist (soil should be moist to a depth of two feet).
  • Prune deciduous fruit trees as soon as they are done producing to help keep trees smaller and fruit within arms’ reach.

Pest and disease control

  • Pick up dropped fruit to prevent brown rot and reduce driedfruit beetles.
  • Control codling moth to protect apple and pear fruit from this worm.
  • Clean around trees.