Host a Color Me Green 5K Run!

Feb 21, 2017
Color Me Green 5K Run banner

Over the past few years Color Runs have gained popularity with young people. The original five kilometer run was designed to encourage novice runners to improve their physical activity while also having fun.

Colors Runs are inspired by India's Holi Festival, which creates a celebratory environment during the run. Participants are showered with colored dye as they pass through each marker. The race is all in the spirit of fun and the dye stations serve to celebrate each success in completing the run. The intention is to build excitement and enjoyment around being physically active. The theme, "Color Me Green" refers to the green powder used to splash runners who complete the run, in the spirit of "color runs." For areas that do not allow the powder, "Color Me Green" can still be used as a theme for showing support and pride in 4-H in the community.

Combining Service Learning and Healthy Living

The Color Me Green 5K Runs provide youth with a statewide service learning opportunity specific to the improvement of health. With the support of adult leaders, youth organize and execute 5K runs in their communities. Youth are trained in nutrition and physical activity best practices and also develop partnerships where they aspire to increase the health habits of their community through participation in the Color Me Green 5K Run. 4-H Clubs may choose to host a Color Me Green 5K Run as a county fundraiser. Additional funds from individuals and local businesses can be raised to underwrite costs related to the event. These funds can also be leveraged to aid clubs in securing additional funds at the local level for future runs and health promotion efforts.

Healthy Living Officers

Currently, 4-H has nearly 100 youth serving as Healthy Living Officers in local clubs, serving as the club's ambassador for health. Healthy Living officers are the leaders for all health activities including: providing ideas on how to incorporate physical activities and healthy eating into each club meeting, writing Healthy Living articles for the club newsletter, and adopting and promoting a club Wellness Plan. In this role, teens act as role models while also growing into confident leaders and educators themselves. This process supports teens with opportunities to practice leadership in the arena of health. These officers will be beneficial in the promotion and planning of the Color Me Green 5K Runs. These Officers will also support the continuation of these runs in future years.

Engaging youth, adults and the community at large

The Color Me Green 5K Runs provide California 4-H with a multigenerational, statewide health advocacy project that will engage youth, adults, and the community at large.

County sites receive promotional materials (posters and flyer templates); a Host Guide; and health education materials. These materials will include basic information about injury prevention when running, hydration, the MyPlate dietary guidelines, and tips for staying motivated.

Color Me Green 5K Run planning resources

It is our hope that through participation in the Color Me Green 5K Runs both individuals and communities will aspire to increase their health habits.

Be a health advocate for your community and host a Color Me Green 5K Run!

This year, Color Me Green Runs will take place in the following counties:

El Dorado

April 1, 2017

Shingle Springs Wellness Center


March 18, 2017

California State University, Fresno5241 N. Maple Avenue Fresno, Ca 93740

Imperial County

February 12, 2017 

Imperial High School

Santa Clara

March 19, 2017

Martial Cottle Park 5285 Snell Ave, San Jose, California 95136


March 11, 2017

Sierra Foothills Research Extension Center (REC), 8279 Scott Forbes Road | Browns Valley


April 23, 2017



March 25, 2017

2004 Fairgrounds Rd, Monterey, CA Monterey County Fairgrounds and event center


May 7, 2017

Sonoma County Fairgrounds


May 13, 2017

Nelson Vineyards 550 Nelson Ranch Rd Ukiah, CA 95482