4-H Brings Smiles to Ag Day at the Capitol

Apr 4, 2023

4-H Brings Smiles to Ag Day at the Capitol

Apr 4, 2023

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Smiles despite the rain at Ag Day 2023

Despite the cold and rainy weather, California 4-H stood strong at Ag Day at the Capitol 2023. Tons of people stopped by the 4-H booth, taking time to pet the animals and chat with our 4-H'ers from Sheldon 4-H. We were overjoyed for the number of public officials, 4-H alumni, and Ag supporters that made a point to stop by the 4-H booth. Each person made the day such an awesome experience for our youth, staff, and volunteers.

Thank you to Sheldon 4-H Members

We are so thankful for the Sheldon 4-H club members — Braedyn, Emily, Gweneth, Hattie, Katie, Teegan, Toryn, and Zade — who stood tall in their 4-H whites all morning at the 4-H booth. Each member proudly shared their sparks and current projects. They took the time to answer questions about the program to unfamiliar faces. Whether they were discussing their leadership projects with Assemblymembers and Senators and their staff or their passions towards California Ag to general attendees, these youth leaders used their words to spark curiosity and captivate everyone with their enthusiasm.








Thank you to our Volunteers

We also want to recognize the fabulous Sheldon 4-H volunteers who came to support their club members and the 4-H program. Robyn Long, Jamie Woods, and Ronda Lyn Solano gleefully snapped photos, answered questions, and helped 4-H'ers on site stay hydrated and dry. Rocking their Sheldon 4-H gear and rain ponchos, each volunteer helped make the day a success, and had fun doing it!

Thank you to our Sponsor

We were fortunate to have our booth sponsored by the Sacramento law firm, Kahn, Soares & Conway, LLP. Their support helped us connect many people to the 4-H program through interactive and educational exhibits. The number of visitors seemed endless, as many stopped to collect 4-H tote bags, ask questions, pick up 4-H Impact Sheets, and most of all, greet the animals.

A 4-H'er in 4-H whites talks with a visitor.
The number of visitors to the 4-H booth seemed endless, with many stopping to collect 4-H bags and ask questions.

Many thanks to everyone that spent some time at the
4-H booth!

It was exciting for so many people to stop at the 4-H booth. Many legislators shared their wisdom with our 4-H'ers and mentioned their love for Ag. Some even proudly shared their 4-H alumni status! See some pictures of the various officials below.


We appreciate California 4-H State Ambassadors, Isabelle and Tejas, for representing the State 4-H program.

On top of withstanding the rain as they went from booth to booth, Isabelle and Tejas interacted with countless Assemblymembers, State Senators, legislative staff and directors. They were glad to bump into old connections and create new ones. 

From petting goats and bunnies to sharing umbrellas to photoshoots and conversations, every attendee made lasting memories at this year's Ag Day. California 4-H thanks every single person who contributed to such a successful day. Even if we didn't run into to you or snap a photo with you, we felt the love and 4-H spirit just like the rain on our coats.

See you next year, rain or shine!