Herbicides have two primary roles in fuels management:

The first is to prepare live fuels for burning by either browning or killing the plant. This allows them to be consumed more completely with other dead fuels on site.

The second would be maintenance. Ingrowth of undesirable plants can be reduced or eliminated with the use of selective herbicides or directed applications.

The use of herbicide to achieve these two goals will likely be far more cost effective than manual, mechanical, or repeated use of fire.


Successful use of herbicides for vegetation management will require:

  • A written recommendation by a Licensed Pest Control Advisor (PCA) who has been on site and that you have explained your objectives to. The recommendation will have measures to protect people and the environment.  
  • A licensed Qualified Applicator.
  • A close working relationship with your local County Agricultural Commissioner’s office. This is where you file for your permits and send in your use reports. They are tasked with the enforcement of laws developed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR). They are a great resource for information and can aid in a successful herbicide treatment project.