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Through its Master Gardener Program the UC Cooperative Extension in Fresno County has developed a one acre ornamental and food production demonstration garden on the south end of the City of Fresno's Reedy Park, located at Winery and McKinley Avenue, Fresno, CA.

Come and enjoy the garden with the volunteers and learn about gardening in the Central Valley. Click to view


Garden of the Sun

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1750 N Winery Ave. Fresno, CA 93703

When the temperatures are over 104 the Garden of the Sun will be closed on those days. 

The Garden includes an extensive orchard of fruit trees, vines, and berries; beds of vegetables, herbs, perennials, small space gardening demonstrations, All-American Selections, a sun/shade garden, and a compost demonstration area in a setting designed by landscape designer, Robert Truxell. Also featured are specialty gardens for children and the physically challenged.

Garden Hours:

mural in progress

Current Garden Hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. 

Come by and view our new poppy mural.

If you are visiting as a group or home school please contact our helpline for scheduling a tour of the garden, two weeks before the date you plan to visit. 

Questions about the garden, please send an e-mail to mgfresno@ucdavis.edu

Fresno Master Gardener office has no office hours or phone service at this time. 

What's Growing at the Garden of the Sun?

T-bar Gardening

t-bar gardening
Several master gardeners recently installed T-bar posts, strung wire through them, and then planted string beans from seed below the fence. They then buried water lines underneath so that pests can’t easily damage them. See the photo below for the beautiful outcome of this project. Such impressive work!


Not for the birds

Master Gardener Tony  has invented a way to encourage our feathered friends to share some grapes with us and not eat them all. When the grapes are starting to ripen, he wraps several bunches of them in paper towels and sticks them into vegetable bags tied at the top. The grapes will continue to ripen but the vegetable bag will keep the birds from pecking at the fruit. Ingenious!


Plant of the Month

Ocimum labiatum

September plant of the month:

Ocimum labiatum

formerly Orthosiphon labiatus (Pink sage, Shell bush, Pink cat whiskers)

Like so many South African natives, Ocimum labiatum does extremely well in our climate. May look better with regular water, but is very drought tolerant once established and takes our worst summer heat without skipping a beat. Based on our experience at Garden of the Sun, this is one tough plant. Pink salvia-like flowers (hence the common name pink sage) cover the plant over a long period from summer throughout autumn. Heart shaped leaves have a minty fragrance. Cold hardy to at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit and probably lower when well established. Takes full sun to partial shade. Plants can easily reach 4-5 feet tall and wide with a dense rounded habit. Prune back to about 1/3 its height in late winter/early spring and top dress with compost. Otherwise maintenance free. Very attractive to butterflies. May not be easy to find in garden centers, but available by mail order. 

The Deutsch Cactus Garden

The Deutsch Cactus Garden is an extraordinary garden filled with over 250 different types of cactus and succulents. It is part of the Discovery Center next door to the Garden of the Sun. For more information and visiting hours go to the Discovery Center website.

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Master Gardeners on hand to answer gardening questions, free education classes  offered in the garden and special events during the year!

This event was a great success. 

Looking for free gardening classes? Check out the Master Gardener Community Education classes. Click here to start. 

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AAS flowers

All American Selection Winners display garden. Link to their newsletter.