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Call a Helpline:
   Arroyo Grande  (805) 473-7190
   San Luis Obispo  (805) 781-5939
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What's Growin' On?

Due to COVID-19 measures, all Master Gardener events are CANCELED until further notice. 

February 2020 - Advice to Grow By Workshop Handouts


Gardening is a wonderful thing we can all do in this trying time. Getting outside in the fresh air and working in our yards and gardens may be a good stress reliever.

Our helplines are opened for business!  We have been getting many inquiries about vegetable gardening and which plants to grow and when.  CLICK HERE for our advise on cool weather planting for SLO county.  

If you have any questions, we are here to help through our 3 helplines. You can call and leave a message or email us (and include images) and we will respond with gardening help!

Call a Helpline:

  • Arroyo Grande (805) 473-7190
  • San Luis Obispo (805) 781-5939
  • Templeton (805) 434-4105

Send us an email: anrmgslo@ucanr.edu

Celebrating Our Cory Kelso - Dahlia Queen!


SLO Master Gardener Cory Kelso and her beautiful flowers were featured in Wednesday’s Home and Garden section of the San Luis Obispo Tribune.
Full Article

What's Bugging You? By Norm Smith, SLO Master Gardener



If any of you gardeners decided to take a break from gardening and went to the mountains to go camping, then you have undoubtedly been bothered by deer flies. Those are the medium sized flies that will fly around your head going buzz, buzz, buzz, and then land somewhere on your back or the back of your arm and ambush you with a painful bite.  Full Article

Master Gardener 40th Anniversary!
Master Gardener 40th Anniversary!

Plant of the Week

(photo by Ardis Nelson)



Lunchtime in the Garden


Our monthly Lunchtime in the Garden events are CANCELEDMore