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Advice to Grow By (ATGB) Zoom Workshops

tomato seedling

tomato seedlings in greenhouse

March Workshop: Spring Ahead in Your Vegetable Garden

Click HERE to watch the Workshop on YouTube.  Click HERE to download the PDF slides.

Summary: It’s time to get your vegetable garden growing. You can get a jump start by starting seeds in containers and knowing which ones need to be started now and which ones to direct-sow later. Master Gardener Becky Zelinski discussed which vegetable seeds are best to seed in containers and what to direct sow. Learn about seeding tomatoes and peppers which take a little more time and care than other vegetables, and which types of seeds to use and why. You'll also get some great tips on how to sow seeds in containers.

February Workshop: Fruit Tree Winter Pruning and Maintenance

Click HERE to watch the recorded workshop on YouTube. Click HERE to view and download the slides (PDF file). 

Victory Garden Workshops

Our first Victory Garden workshop series was a success!  Learn more

Live Instagram Workshops

SLO Master Gardeners have an Instagram account where we host Live Advice to Grow By Workshops on garden-related topics. Follow us on Instagram to access the Livestream and receive updates.

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YouTube Channel Videos

SLO Master Gardeners have a YouTube channel where we post videos on garden-related topics that our volunteers have recorded. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates.

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Advice to Grow By Workshop Handouts

Deciduous Fruit Tree Care & Maintenance (Summer/Winter)  [1]

Invasive Plants [1]  [2]

Mediterranean Garden Plants  [1]

Composting & Soils [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

Avocados, Citrus and Figs  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

Vertebrate Pest Control  [1]