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Complaint Process

4-H staff are available to assist members and adult volunteers address and create solutions to problems, and to consult and interpret policy and procedure. When applicable, attempts should be made to reach resolution at the original level of involvement (such as Council, club, or project). When resolution cannot be reached at the original level of involvement, a County Complaint Form should be filed with 4-H staff so appropriate action can be taken.

How to File a Complaint Form

  1. Use the Complaint Form to report all non-medical incidents that pose no health and safety concerns; potential violations of California 4-H member, adult volunteer, or parent code of conduct; and violations of UC 4-H policy, or local county 4-H policy.
  2. Complete all sections of the Complaint Form. Incomplete information can delay addressing the incident.
  3. Briefly describe the complaint in detail. Include any additional information as necessary to complete the report.

**Note: All relevant information must be reported to 4-H staff using the Complaint Form within 30 days of the incident.

NO anonymous complaints will be accepted. Section I of the Complaint Form must be completed to allow 4-H YDP staff to follow-up on the complaint and incident.

4-H Process for Addressing Complaints

All relevant information must be reported to 4-H staff using the Complaint Form within 30 days of the incident. This information will be reviewed by 4-H staff to determine appropriate actions to resolve the complaint.

  1. The 4-H staff will review the complaint. The complaint may be referred to another reviewer depending on the incident or infraction (for example, the 4-H Executive Council or the County Director).
  2. Involved parties will be notified that a written complaint has been received. All involved parties will have 30 days from the date of notification that a complaint has been received to explain their version of the incident via the Complaint Form, indicating it is in response to a filed complaint.
  3. At the end of the 30-day response period, the appropriate review team will review all information, evaluate the complaint, and make recommendations for resolution using the following as appropriate:
    1. 4-H Adult Volunteer Code of Conduct
    2. Adult/Parent Code of Conduct and Behavior Guidelines
    3. 4-H Member Code of Conduct
    4. University of California Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program Policy Handbook
    5. County 4-H Youth Development Program Policies
    6. 4-H Club Constitution, Bylaws, and Project Rules
    7. 4-H County Constitution and Bylaws
    8. Local 4-H Council Policies
  4. Taking into consideration the severity of the incident and any past incidents, the following actions may take place in accordance with the policies set forth by the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program Policy Handbook.
    1. A letter may be filed and sent to all identified parties detailing the findings of the inquiry.
    2. A letter may be filed and sent to the individual(s) identifying the specific course of action to ensure the situation does not continue and identifying specific expectations for continued participation in the 4-H YDP and consequences if the changes in behavior are not sustained.
    3. Should the review find that the infraction is so severe that an adult volunteer should be suspended, removed, or their enrollment non-renewed, the 4-H YDP staff and County Director will follow the steps outlined in the Conflict Resolution Manual in consultation with the State 4-H Office.
  5. The County Director’s decision will be final.