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Administrator Access

Site Builder administrators edit the content of the site. You can assign varying levels of access to people, depending on what you need them to do. Be it a page or a newsletter, Site Builder will allow you to control who does what on your site.

Administrator List

Additionally, you can add anyone you like as an administrator for your site, including non-ANR personnel, volunteers and student assistants. Please note: the ANR Web Development Team will only support ANR personnel. If you are  ANR staff and invite other folks to work on your site, it will be your responsibility to support them.

Adding a new administrator to your site is quick; however, you must be a full access administrator or site owner to add other administrators.

Adding new admin

Click the "Add Administrator" in the blue sub-navigation menu. A field will open asking you to search for the person. Since we use the ANR Portal accounts to drive Site Builder 3, it's possible the person you wish to add already has one. All Master Gardeners and many other ANR affiliates already have Portal accounts either through the Volunteer Management System or Collaborative Tools. These systems also are driven by Portal accounts.

Click search to look for your new administrator. If there are any results, they will appear in a list, and if the person you were looking for is there, click "Add Administrator" on that row.

List results

If you do not see the person you would like to add, click "Add New User" at the bottom of the results list. Adding an administrator that was not found in your search will create a new Portal account. Please make sure your spelling is correct for the name or email used in the search. Your new administrator will thank you if he or she doesn't end up with multiple Portal accounts.

New user link

Once you have selected your user or created a new one, you can select the level of access this person should have.

Choosing the right level of access

If you select a page with children, the user will have access to the child pages as well. Also, the user will be able to create new child pages of the accessible parent.

Users with limited access will have access to ALL files in the file library. However, they cannot edit files that are loaded into pages to which they have no access. If a file is loaded into the general or main file library, all users, regardless of access, can edit it.