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Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
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Principles of Community

Principles of Community statements are living documents showing the actions and behaviors an organization aspires to achieve in creating inclusive, welcoming spaces. To honor our living Principles of Community, our ANR community is working collaboratively on reviewing, refreshing, and identifying pathways to operationalize it and to take our commitment to shared community spaces to the next iteration. During this time, the spirit of our Principles remains unchanged and our commitment to creating inclusive and equitable spaces of belonging remains steadfast. In the coming months, the data collected through focus groups, co-creative brainstorming and surveys will lead us to a Principles of Community 2.0.

The Principles of Community is a living document - last revised May 19, 2016 - and we welcome your input, comments and suggestions.

The Community

The UC ANR community stretches across the state of California. Its members – employees, stakeholders, partners, volunteers, community groups and clientele – engage in work that often has national and international implications. This unique community provides a supportive environment that promotes and fosters the development and extension of knowledge through research, experimentation, education, discussion and reflection. The community is founded on principles strengthened by common goals, shared interests, camaraderie, and a passion for improving the quality of life in all communities.

Rights and Responsibilities

Members of the far-reaching UC ANR community have the right to work in an environment that promotes fairness, trust, respect, and physical and emotional safety and security. UC ANR accepts and welcomes individuals of all races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, sexes, gender expressions and identities, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, citizenships and other personal characteristics.

While the UC ANR organization may establish principles to ensure a safe and inclusive environment, its members play an important role in ensuring and protecting this secure environment. All members play a role in demonstrating inclusive behavior, cooperation, professionalism, and agree to uphold the following Principles of Community.

The Principles of Community

The following principles of community should guide the behavior and interactions of all members of the UC ANR community:

  • Ensure open communication
  • Work together to achieve common goals and mutual understandings
  • Value the contribution and worth of all members
  • Appreciate and celebrate differences and diversity
  • Foster a sense of belonging and emotional safety
  • Practice mutual respect
  • Demonstrate ethics and integrity
  • Invest in all members
  • Recognize that all members are important

Sustaining the Principles

Employees and UC ANR affiliates may exercise their right to report behaviors that do not support the Principles of Community.  To ensure a safe workplace environment, it is important that no individual be endangered or be subject to exclusive behavior. The Principles of Community are intended to be a living document, practiced daily and reviewed regularly to ensure that they remain inclusive, pertinent, and appropriate for the changing workplace. Principles of Community must be sustained by an ongoing commitment of all members of the community to honor and respect the shared values and principles.

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