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2020-2025 Strategic Plan

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UC ANR 2020-2025 Strategic Plan


Stakeholder Engagement 

  • February 2021 -- UC ANR’s strategic planning team presented the new 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and the interrelated 2020-2025 REC Strategic Framework to UC President Drake. His comments were generally very positive. A few minor edits were made to the UC ANR Plan following the meeting to further clarify the relationship between this “operational” plan and our systemwide public value statements and condition changes. 
  • October 2020 -- The revised draft plan was posted and distributed with a survey for feedback. Comments were aggregated and shared with goal owners before the plan was completed. 
  • September 2020 -- For those who missed the August input sessions, the recordings were posted below and surveys to collect additional input were made available.
  • August 2020 -- Leadership hosted four input sessions to hear ideas from across the UC ANR network on ways to improve UC ANR. The goals owners shared challenges and accomplishments and presented draft strategies for the future. We were thrilled at the engagement, over 600 people registered in total, some for more than one session.  


2021 Mid-Year Strategic Plan Accomplishments


The 2020-25 plan contains 12 goals

Goal  Topic Owner
1 Strengthen research and extension partnerships Wendy Powers
2 Increase UC ANR's virtual reach Mark Bell
3 Build sustainable economies for working landscapes       Glenda Humiston
4 Scale-up the innovation and entrepreneurship program Gabe Youtsey
5 Modernize digital information delivery system Linda Forbes/Mark Bell
6 Improve diversity, equity, inclusion John Fox
7 Recruit, develop, and retain people Bethanie Brown
8 Support volunteerism Missy Gable/Gemma Miner
9 Generate revenue and optimize resource deployment Tu Tran
10  Expand and diversify fund development Lorna Krkich
11 Improve efficiency and strengthen infrastructure Tu Tran
12 Strengthen Communication and Advocacy

Linda Forbes/ Anne Megaro


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