Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of California
Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources



Center for Forestry
The mission of the Center for Forestry is to sustain forested ecosystems through scientific inquiry. The center seeks to create and disseminate knowledge concerning ecosystem processes, human interactions and value systems, and restoration and operational management practices.

UC Environmental Stewards
The UC Environmental Stewards program is designed to introduce Californians to the wonders of our unique ecology and engage the public in study and stewardship of California’s natural communities. The program uses a science curriculum, hands-on learning, problem-solving, and community service to instill a deep appreciation for the natural communities of the state and to inspire individuals to become stewards of their local resources.

UC Green Blog
A collaborative weekly blog that covers UC involvement in natural resources conservation, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and other green issues.

Hopland Research and Extension Center
The 5,300-acre Hopland Research and Extension Center is the UC's principal field research facility for agriculture and natural resources in the North Coast region. Most of the acreage is rangeland in the foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains, part of the Coast Range. About 25 acres are on the valley floor and suitable for cropland.

Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program
Land use planning and range management strategies that ensure multiple uses of hardwood rangelands while improving oak regeneration and maintaining diverse wildlife habitat.

Kearney Foundation of Soil Science
Research reports on soils, plant nutrition, and water science projects.

Renewable Resources Extension Act
Supporting education and programs related to biodiversity, conservation, water quality and water quantity on forests and rangelands in California.

Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
Land, labor, facilities and management for agricultural research and public education in matters relating to agriculture in Mediterranean woodland ecosystems.

Sudden Oak Death
Information on the distribution and monitoring of Sudden Oak Death in California. Also, educational materials, information for homeowners, symptoms, and events.

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