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Suzanne M. Rauzon

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Director of Community Health
Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI)
1111 Franklin Street
11th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607
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community health


Peer Reviewed

  • Woodward-Lopez, G.; Esaryk, E.; Rauzon, S.; Hewawitharana, S.; Thompson, H..; Cordon, I.; Whetstone, L. (2023). Associations between Changes in Food Acquisition Behaviors, Dietary Intake, and Bodyweight during the COVID-19 Pandemic among Low-Income Parents in California. Nutrients. 15:4618.
  • Rauzon, S.; Hewawitharana, S.; Esaryk, E.; Thompson, H.; Whetstone, L.; Cordon, I.; Woodward-Lopez, G. (2023). Parent perceptions of changes in eating behavior during COVID-19 of school-aged children from Supplemental Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) eligible households in California. Preventive Medicine Reports. 35:102365, 1-8.
  • Plank, K.; Hewawitharana, S.; Talmage, E.; Rauzon, S.; Woodward-Lopez, G. (2022). School meal access and changes in meal participation during COVID-19 school closures: A stratified random sample of CalFresh Healthy Living Eligible school districts in California. Preventive Medicine Reports. 28:101794, 1-12.
  • Rauzon, S.; Randel-Schreiber, H.; Kuo, E.S.; Schwartz, P.M.; Reed, A.L.; Thompson, H.R. (2020). The association between sugar-sweetened beverage availability in school vending machines and school staff sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. Preventive Medicine Reports. 101128, 1-4.
  • Cheadle, A.; Atiedu, A.; Rauzon, S.; Schwartz, P.M.; Keene, L.; Davoudi, M.; Spring, R.; Molina, M.; Lee, L.; Boyle, K.; Williamson, D. (2018). A community-level initiative to prevent obesity: results from Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Eating Active Living zones initiative in California. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 54:5, S150-S159.
  • Schultz, J.A.; Collie‐Akers, V.L.; Fawcett, S.B.; Strauss, W.J.; Nagaraja, J.; Landgraf, A.J.; McIver, K.L.; Weber, S.A.; Arteaga, S.S.; Nebeling, L.C.; Rauzon, S.M. (2018). Association between community characteristics and implementation of community programmes and policies addressing childhood obesity: the Healthy Communities Study. Pediatric Obesity. 13:Suppl 1, 93-102.
  • Wang, M.C.; Crespi, C.M.; Jiang, L.H.; Nobari, T.; Roper-Fingerhut, H.; Rauzon, S.; Robles, B.; Blocklin, M.; Davoudi, M.; Kuo, T.; MacLeod, K.E. (2018). Developing an index of dose of exposure to early childhood obesity community interventions. Preventive Medicine. 111, 135-141.
  • Harner, L.T.; Kuo, E.S.; Cheadle, A.; Rauzon, S.; Schwartz, P.M.; Parnell, B.; Kelly, C.; Solomon, L. (2018). Using population dose to evaluate community-level health initiatives. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 54:5, S117-S123.

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