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Information and documents related to the 2021 virtual Climate Action and Agriculture Symposium featuring information on climate trends, likely extreme weather events, potential impacts to farm and ranch operations; and preparedness and mitigation strategies.


Webinar Resources

Webinar Resources | Monday, May 24, 2021
Weather trends and preparedness considerations for the farm/ranch

Weather Outlook 2021: Trends and Impacts to Agriculture
(Presenter: Eric Snodgrass, Nutrien Ag Solutions)

Nutrien Ag Solutions
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Heat, Wind, Freeze, Wind, Repeat
(Presenter: Ben Faber, UCCE Ventura)

Topics in Subtropics Blog Articles
     - What’s Happening to Climate
     - Heat and Trees

Climate Change: What Does it Mean for Southern California #2
Webinar presented by the University of California Thelma Hansen Fund, April 28, 2021

California Avocado Growers: 
     - Managing Heat in California Avocado Groves
     - Managing Avocado Heat Damage
     - Best Practices for California Avocado Groves Impacted by Excessive Heat

Wildfire Preparation for San Diego Agricultural Enterprises: Resources
(Presenter: Jan Gonzales, UCCE San Diego)

Ready San Diego:
     - Alert San Diego - emergency/disaster notification service
     - Wildfire - preparedness information and resources
     - Wildfire Hazard Map Tool - interactive map, search by address
     - Business resources - general resources, not industry specific; includes information about impact assessment, business continuity and insurance discussion form

Fire Safe Council of San Diego County

Weather Awareness System, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE)
     - Map - real time wind and temperature information
     - Weather station reports - wind and gust speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity information

Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Preparedness for Farmers, Ranchers and Growers (PDF)
Ventura County Fire Department

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA): Wildfire Recovery Resources

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources | Cooperative Extension:

UCCE - Fire in California
Information about Fire Science and Ecology, Fire as a Tool and Wildfire Preparedness & Restoration

Farm Preparation for Wildfire and Other Emergencies
Farming in the Foothills Blog, 9/14/2018, by Hannah Meyer and Cindy Fake
(Guidelines for planning, mapping, tools and machinery, operations and training; includes links to templates and other resources)

Mulch and Fire Considerations
2020 Climate Action & Agriculture Symposium, 5/21/2020, by Ben Faber

Climate Change: What does it mean for Southern California?
Webinar series hosted by UCCE Ventura County, 4/27-29/2021

Fire readiness in the grove
UC ANR Knowledge Stream Blog, 8/6/2019 by Sonia Rios, Gary Bender and Henry Herrera, Forester, CAL FIRE

Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety at UC Davis
(Wildfire safety protections and information employers are required to provide to employees. Includes training posters, training discussion guide and worksite checklist; PDF downloads in English and Spanish language)

Regulation §5141.1 “Protection from Wildfire Smoke”
California Department of Industrial Relations

Other Extension Wildfire and Agricultural Programs:
eXtension – Surviving Wildfire
     - During a Fire – Evacuation Preparedness for Livestock

Small Farms, Local Food, and Wildfires - Oregon State University

Protecting Farms & Ranches from Wildfires - Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Webinar Resources | Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Irrigation management and generator systems

Irrigation Management: BMPs for In-the-Field Application
(Presenter: Gerry Spinelli, UCCE San Diego)

Floriculture & Nursery Research and Education-UCCE San Diego

Maintenance of Microirrigation Systems – UC ANR

Distribution Uniformity of your irrigation system: how to measure it an how to improve it. (video)

Management of Runoff in Agriculture (videos)
               In English     In Spanish

The Truth About Polyacrylamide (video)

Irrigation Management: Tools and Technologies to Make Precise Decisions on Irrigation Water Use

(Presenter: Ali Montezar, UCCE Imperial, Riverside and San Diego)

UC Delivers-Growers refine irrigation management in Southern California with UC ANR research, contributing to improved water-use efficiency and water supply security.
Author: Ali Montazar (Blog)

CIMIS-California Irrigation Management Information System

CA Dept of Food & Agriculture – State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program (CDFA SWEEP)

NRCS – EQUIP-Water Conservation Assistance Program
Natural Resource Conservation Service-Environmental Quality Incentives Program

Clean Energy Resiliency and Microgrids as a Stepping Stone Towards Decarbonization
(Presenters: Doug Hipple and Tony Mente)

Generac Power Systems

San Diego Gas & Electric
     - Generator Safety
     - Generator Assistance Program

Air Pollution Control District, County of San Diego

Webinar Resources | Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Water Quality and Nitrogen Management

General Resources:
     - California Fertilization Guidelines – UC Davis
     - Agricultural Water Quality Research & Education – UCCE San Diego

Update on the Water Board Agricultural Program
(shared by Jason DuMond, San Diego Water Board)

Commercial Agriculture Regulatory Program – Water San Diego Region (R9)

Nitrogen concentrations in harvested plant parts - A literature overview
by Daniel Geissler, 2016. University of California Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources at the University of California, Davis. (PDF)

Subscribe to Email List - San Diego Regional Board (Region 9)

Contact Information:
     San Diego Region -
          Jason DuMond, Email: Jason.DuMond@waterboards.ca.gov, Phone: (619) 521-3377
     Statewide -
          Kelsey Moore, Email: Kelsey.Moore@waterboards.ca.gov
          Brianna St. Pierre, Email: Brianna.St.Pierre@waterboards.ca.gov

Third Party Groups:
     FROG Environmental, Inc., Email: ag@frogenv.org, Phone: (310) 241-0866
     San Diego Region Irrigated Lands Group, Email: tasha@sdfarmbureau.org, Phone: (760-745-2215
     Upper Santa Margarita Irrigated Lands Group, Email: stevec@usmilg.org, Phone: (909) 208-7847

A System Nitrogen Balance for Container Plant Production

(presented by Bruno J.L. Pitton, UC Davis)

A System Nitrogen Balance for Container Plant Production
28TH FREP/WPHA ANNUAL CONFERENCE Proceedings, October 2020, (pp 71-75)

Nitrogen Management in Organic Agriculture Systems

(shared by Joji Muramoto, UC Santa Cruz)

Crop Nitrogen Uptake and Partitioning
by Daniel Geisseler and William R. Horwath

2021 Organic Fertilizer Management Series – UCCE Monteray

Nitrogen Management in Orchard Crop Systems

(Presenter: by Sonia Rios)

Subtropical Fruit Crops Research and Education - UCCE San Diego

Avocado-California Crop Fertilization Guidelines (CDFA, FREP, UC Davis)

Citrus-California Crop Fertilization Guidelines (CDFA, FREP, UC Davis)

Properly Timing Foliar-applied FertilizersIncreases Efficacy: A Review and Update on Timing Foliar Nutrient Applications to Citrus and Avocado (paper)
Author: Carol Lovatt

Calculator - Total Fruit Nutrient Removal Calculator for Hass Avocado in California

Avocado Fertilization
Fertilization Book 2, Chapter 2 - Avocado Fertilization
Author: Gary Bender, UCCE San Diego

California Avocado Growers:
     - Avocado Tree Fertilization Basics
     - Fertilizer Strategy (PDF)

Fertilizing Citrus – UC IPM (Integrated Pest Management)


Webinar Resources | Thursday, May 27, 2021
Climate and Extreme Weather Impacts to Pest Management

General Resource:
     UC Integrated Pest Management (UC IPM) – Pest Management Guidelines and Pest Notes

Weed Management: Impacts of Changing Climate and Extreme Weather
(Presenter: Chris McDonald, UCCE San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial)

UC Weed Research and Information Center

Weed Photo Gallery – UC IPM

Insect Pest Management: Impacts of Changing Climate and Extreme Weather
(Presenter: Matt Daugherty, UC Riverside)

Daugherty Lab-UC Riverside

Managing Likely Vertebrate Pests Issues After an Extreme Weather Event
(Presenter: Niamh Quinn, UCCE-Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego

California Fish and Game Code

Southern California Urban Rodent Research Initiative (SCURRI)


Webinar Resources | Friday, May 28, 2021
Soil management and resource support programs

Recycled Organics & Compost: Engineering With Nature (EWN) to Manage the Impacts of Climate Change and Improve Soil Health
(Presenter: Craig Kolodge, San Pasqual Valley Soils)

San Pasqual Valley Soils

Whole Orchard Recycling Project and Resources – UC Davis (website)

The Combustibility of Landscape Mulches - Univ. of Nevada CE (PDF)

Compost Best Management Practices and Benefits - Cal Recycle (PDF)
Author: David M. Crohn, UC Riverside

The Sustainable Site: The Design Manual for Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development (Book)
Authors: Rodney W. Tyler, Alexander Marks, & Dr. Britt Faucette, Ph.D., CPESC, LEED AP

Meadowview Stream Restoration Project - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service/Pacific Southwest Region (Article)

UC ANR Climate-Smart Agriculture Technical Assistance Program
Helping Growers and Ranchers with CDFA HSP, SWEEP and AMMP Programs
(Presenter: Esther Mosase, UCCE San Diego)

California Department of Food and Agriculture-Office of Environmental Farming & Innovation (CDFA-OEFI)
Information about the Healthy Soils Program (HSP), State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP) and Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP)

UC ANR Statewide Climate-Smart Agriculture Program

Healthy Soils for a Healthy California – UC ANR

UC ANR Food Safety Program: Co-Management of Food Safety and Sustainability/Overview of Food Safety Technical Assistance Program
(Presenter: Ramiro Lobo, UCCE San Diego)

Co-Management of Food Safety and Sustainability-UC Davis 

UC Small Farm Program Food Safety

UC Davis Food Safety

UC Western Center for Food Safety

Produce Safety Alliance

USFDA Food Safety Modernization Act and Produce Safety Rule

California Alliance for Family Farms (CAFF)

Farm Commons: (Membership required to access resources)
     - Farmer’s Guide to Managing Food Safety Liability Risks: ID, MT, WA
     - Checklist for taking action to reduce food safety liability risk

University of Vermont Farm Safety

The National Agricultural Law Center

Organic Materials Ordinance-County of San Diego
(Presenter: Tyler Farmer, County of San Diego)

Organic Materials Ordinance Update-County of San Diego (webpage)

San Diego County’s Renewable Energy Support Resources
(Presenter: Moe Zarabi, County of San Diego)

Renewable Energy & Resiliency 101 (PDF)
Powerpoint slides with active resource links