Branding FAQs

What logo should I use?

Review the branding and logos and templates information for guidance. If you have a question that isn’t covered there, contact Strategic Communications.

Do I need to throw away items with old logos?

Please dispose of all digital assets with the old logo. We understand that resources are limited, so you are not required to dispose of printed materials and promotional items. Please use the new logo for any new materials that you create and consider disposing of inexpensive printed items that are out of compliance.

What are our branded colors?

See the visual style guide section regarding the UC ANR color palette.

What are the do’s and don’ts for logo placements?

Review the logos and templates section for guidance.

How do I cobrand properly?

Refer to the visual style guide for instructions and examples.

How do I find the branded logos and fonts?

These are available in the logos and templates section.

Where can I find the university seal and how should I use it?

The University of California seal is owned and managed by the Office of the President and may only be used in communication from the president’s direct office, official financial documentation, legal documents, regental communications and other formal university functions. There are strict guidelines for using the seal including not altering it in any way, not placing images over it, not cropping it, etc. See the UCOP guidance on using the seal to learn more.   

Where can I find the small square UC ANR logo?

The small square UC ANR is not a logo! It can be used as a supporting design element, but should never be used without the full UC ANR logo. Contact Graphic Design to request the square design element.

Who should I contact when I have a branding question?

Contact Strategic Communications or Graphic Design.

How long will we use the current branding?

We do not anticipate any major rebranding work for the next 5 years.

What is the photography style for our brand?

Refer to the photography and videography section.

Where can I find branded templates (letterhead, PowerPoints, etc.)?

These are available in the logos and templates section.

Where can I find branded social media icons?

We do not provide branded social media icons as it is a violation of trademark law. Please use each social media platform’s trademarked logo to indicate that your program has a presence on that platform.

Where can I find branded video assets like openings and closings?

These are available in the video section. 

Should internal communications be branded?

We encourage correct branding on all communications. Presentations and other materials shared with internal stakeholders should be brand-compliant. 

Should I create a custom logo for my event?

Probably not. The best practice is to avoid one-off logos. Our recommendation is to design engaging event materials that incorporate standard logos; this helps with brand recognition and avoids clutter.

Where can I find brand assets in Spanish?

These are included in the logos and templates downloads section.

How do I brand promotional materials like mugs, t-shirts, etc.?

We recommend using only the main UC ANR logo on promotional items because it lends itself well to clean design. If you wish to use a sub-brand on a promotional item, please contact Graphic Design for design assistance.

How should I brand my e-learning courses?

Branding guidelines for e-learning materials are currently in development with the Communications Advisory Board. Strategic Communications is available to consult with you on creating your materials until guidelines are finalized.

How do I incorporate the Public Value Statements into my materials?

The blog template allows for tagging a public value statement that corresponds with the post. The annual report template for counties is organized around the public value statements as well. Consider these statements as an organizing principle for developing your reports and presentations.