Visual Style Guide

Anatomy of the UC ANR logotype

UC ANR logo only

The UC ANR brand shown above gives a strong connection to the University of California brand and provides our family of sub-brands a place to grow. 

The official font families associated with the ANR Brand are Adobe's Myriad Pro (sans serif) and Minion Pro (serif). The logotype type uses Myriad Pro Bold for "University of California" and Myriad Pro Semibold for "Agriculture and Natural Resources."

Consistency in font and color is an important part of building a brand identity. When the UC ANR logotype isn't nearby, they also serve as signposts that our users are in the right place. You can find more information about these on the Fonts and Colors page.

Horizontal co-branding

UC ANR cobrand HZ

The UC ANR with a secondary sub-brand title, shows the accepted structure of the brand. 

Only the sub-brands in the Downloads page of the Toolkit are to be placed in the position to the right of the parent brand, with logo to the left of the bar. Program, unit, or location names not in the Toolkit should choose their parent sub-brand or use the UC ANR parent brand without a subbrand.

Vertical co-branding

UC ANR cobrand VERT

The UC ANR brand system shown above with more examples of secondary
sub-brand titles and logos in the correct vertical, stacked position.