Social media plays a vital role for UC ANR in extending information, connecting with stakeholders and colleagues, reaching new audiences, engaging with media and advocacy. Social media also provides an important way for Extension professionals to “listen” to others, and engage in real-time conversations. Some UC ANR professionals use social media to identify new collaborations and conduct research. There is real value in social media engagement.

We strive to support the UC ANR community in representing themselves and our institution in the best possible light on social media, and in growing awareness of and engagement with our valuable programs and initiatives around the state. All members of the UC ANR community who participate in the online world in an official capacity should understand the impact of using these tools to communicate about the work and mission of UC ANR.

Leveraging social media effectively requires understanding your goals, having a strategy and dedicating time to be present in social spaces. As with any Extension outreach method, be prepared to measure your impacts.

Please keep the following guidelines, best practices and policies in mind when you participate in social media, and remember that what you post online lasts forever

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