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Building Support


Advocacy: telling our story

Communicating Science, Telling your story, engaging elected officials...

Raising Support and Funds

Development Services; Being Entrepreneurial; County opportunities, Developing your Business, Grant writing, ...more

Advocacy: telling our story

Advocating & Government Relations (Contact: Anne Megaro)



Engaging Elected Officials Video (26 mins)

What can I say or do? You can't lobby, but you can advocate? (Fact sheet)

UC guidelines to support or oppose legislation Fact Sheet

Government relations - Collecting input

Survey for who attended UC ANR events; Excel file

Why collect this information? Fact sheet


Towards Policy Work: A Primer: Fact Sheet ; Manual

Who to contact:  Government Relations Anne Megaro

Facts & figures

Background - Facts, figures & impact stories

The State of UC ANR

January 2019 ; May 2019  (Glenda Humiston)

Budget and Staffing Brief

2020 Situation Assessment (Glenda Humiston) ppt

Helping with UC 4-H

 4-H Grows Here - Business Partnership Toolkit

4-H Grows Here Business Partnership (PDF)

Blank Letter Head (Doc)

Sample Newsletter and Social Media Message (PDF)

Sample Donor Letter (PDF)

Sample Thank-you Letter (PDF)

Business Partner Flyer (PDF)

4-H Toolkits for CDs and Volunteers

4-H toolkit for CDs

4-H toolkit for Volunteers

The value of 4-H

   -  Dr Bernadett's remarks video

   -  Dr. Bernadett’s remarks doc

   -  Dr Bernadett's slides

How is UC ANR making a difference for Californians

An overview of UC ANR

Who are we?

Impact numbers and stories (PPE)

UC Delivers

Federal Reports and Plans (web)//ucanr.edu/sites/Professional_Development/files/316826.docx

UC ANR Public Value Statements (Web)

Reports; Latino initiative


craft your story


Craft your story

Communicating Science

Tips on communicating Science Fact Sheet (Kat Kerlin, UC Davis)

Telling a good story

"Knowing How to Tell a Good Story Is Like Having Mind Control" Alan Alda Video 

" How to tell a great story" Article Carolyn O'Hara, Harvard Business review

Writing your message

UC ANR Communications toolkit

UC ANR: Facts, figures & impact stories

How to write an Impact Statements (PPE Website)

Public Value statements

About Public Value Statements WebANR ; (41 min) ; Fact Sheet 

About Condition Changes  WebANR (39 mins)

Real examples of PVS and CC  (PPE web).

How do I measure them?


County Template (Powerpoint)

County Example (PDF) ;

Statewide example (PDF)

Working with the Media

Talking to the media A Checklist

Productive Publicity: Media Relations Brochure (PDF)

Writing an event News release (Template PDF)

Writing a News Release Template (PDF)

Submitting a News Release (for distribution by the ANR News and Information Office) (ANR online form)




Raising Support and Funds

Fundraising and Development Resources: Getting Started

Contracts & Grants

Project Funding - Opportunities



Fundraising and Development Resources: Getting Started

Funding - How to Start

Call us First! Video (10:33) Development Services

Tips for local engagement Fact Sheet (Lorna Krkich)

Talking to Prospective Supporters and Donors Fact Sheet (Lorna Krkich)

Big Dig: Designing success in giving (Video 24:26)

In the counties


Funding ideas and approaches Fact Sheet (from CD meeting 2019)

Funding model examples (generated by CDs) 

Being More Business Like

UC ANR: Tips to new ways of doing business Fact sheet

Developing a Business Plan Checklist

Entrepreneurship: 50 Entrepreneurs share advice Video (18:39)

Co-Funded positions

4 Steps to developing a co-funded position Fact sheet

Benefits of co-funded positions Fact sheet

Examples of positions funded

Template for a shared position agreement (Draft)

Tips to engage local businesses and corporations Fact Sheet (Development Services)

8 considerations in working with other organizations Fact sheet (UCOP)

Helping with UC 4-H

4-H toolkit for CDs

4-H toolkit for Volunteers

UC 4-H: Funding needs 2019 2-pager

Funding 101 - starting off

Getting started Fact sheet (A note from Advisors)

Further tips Fact sheet

Understanding Cost Share Fact Sheet

Who to contact? Development Services web ; Video (11 minutes + questions)
Contracts & Grants

Contracts & Grants Training Resources

Grant writing & other training resources

 Proposal tips Pic

Who to contact? Contracts & Grants web

funding opps

Project Funding - Opportunities

UC ANR Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program RFP web

UC ANR Opportunity & Matching Grants web

Funding opportunities: Contracts & Grants web