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Plums, Pluots and Prunes


Plum trees can be grown almost anywhere in California. They are easy to grow. Most plums require cross pollination. There are two basic kinds of plums: Japanese (Prunus salicina) and European (Prunus domestica). Both require 140-170 days to mature the crop. Most Japanese plums bloom earlier and mature earlier and they require less chilling than the European plums.


The UC California Backyard Orchard (Plums)
The UC IPM Cultural Tips, Pests and Disorders of Plums and Prunes



Standard Japanese Plum Varieties

Beauty - Early, green skin, amber flesh, heart shaped. Poor keeper
Santa Rosa - Early, purple skin, amber flesh. Excellent flavor
Shiro - Early, light green-yellow skin, yellow flesh.
El Dorado - Midseason, purple skin, amber flesh, large oblong.
Mariposa - Midseason, green-yellow skin, yellow flesh, large heart.
Wickson - Midseason, green-yellow skin, red flesh, large heart-shaped.
Friar - Midseason, black skin, amber flesh, very mild flavor. Old variety.
Kelsey - Midseason, green-yellow skin and flesh.
Laroda - Midseason, Red-purple skin, yellow flesh.
Nubiana - Midseason, purple-black skin, yellow flesh, oblong.
Burgundy - Midseason, red skin and flesh, self-fertile, ripe fruit holds well to tree, good pollinizer.
Satsuma - Midseason, red skin and flesh, small, round
Late Santa Rosa - Midseason, large fruit with purple flesh and tart flavor.
Howard Miracle (Howard Wonder) - Midseason, large, pink skin, yellow flesh.
Elephant Heart - Late, purple skin, large, heart-shaped.
Golden Nectar - Late, large, yellow flesh, tender skin, great flavor.
Autumn Rosa - Late, large, purple skin, self-fertile.

A plumcot is a 50-50 cross between a plum and an apricot. 
A plumlike is 75-plum and 25 apricot cross.
A Aprium is a 75-apricot 25 plum cross.

For good pollination plumcots  amd plumlikes should be planted with other plumcots or plum varieties nearby. Apriums should be planted with other aprium varieties or apricots nearby.

Plumcots and plumlikes use plum rootstock. Apriums use apricot rootstock.