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Pomes-Apples, Pears, Quince

Growing and Care of Pome Fruits


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Fortunately, in many areas of California apples are successfully grown. Foggy days and dews can cause cosmetic russetting on the fruit. There are hundreds of apple varieties each with it's own characteristics. Nearly all varieties require cross-pollination from another variety that blooms at the same time and produces abundant, viable pollen.  Many varieties are self-fruitful meaning not all of their pollen is viable.  Very few actually are self-fruited. For the red-skinned varieties, cool climates are ideal for them to achieve their coloration. 

Winter chilling requirements (below 45 degrees F):

Most varieties: 500-1000 hours 
Low-chill varieties: 300-600 hours

Pruning Apple Trees Demonstration 15 minutes