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UCCE Master Gardeners of Fresno

UCANR Fresno Master Gardeners helpline

Have a gardening question, not sure what you can do with that shady spot in your yard or what is that bug eating my plant. We can research your question and find the best practices for your garden. 

Send an email to mgfresno@ucdavis.edu Including photos is helpful.

 The Master Gardener helpline is working remotely at this time. The Shaw Building office has no MG Helpline office at this time. No phones or sample taken at this location. E-Mail only! 

Fresno Master Gardener are working at Garden of the Sun on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Time is 9:00 to 11:00 depending on weather. All covid guidelines are in effect. 

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Free Gardening classes offered by Fresno Master Gardeners
A Cutting Garden June 4, 2022
cutting garden
Are you concerned about the cost and sustainability of store-bought cut flowers?  Join the local flower movement and grow your own!  This class will cover the basics of starting a cutting garden to harvest your own flowers for arrangements and décor, including flower gardening basics, and propagation.  MG Britt will also discuss selection of the best flowers and varieties for the Central Valley, and what to do with your beautiful, bountiful harvest.


Saturday, June 4                         9:30 – 11:00 AM
              1750 N Winery Ave. Fresno, CA  93703

Register for summer classes here