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A brief introduction

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Site accessibility is an important issue focused on providing online information for your website's impaired visitors. You can take a few simple measures when building your site to ensure that all of your guests have equal access to the content produced and posted here at ANR. Small considerations make a huge difference! For instance:

  • Live text - Basically, this just means that for headings you should use text that you type in, rather than a jpeg or gif graphic that only includes pictures of the words. This practice ensures that a read-aloud or Braille text reader will be able to recognize the words and read them back to an impaired visitor.
  • Standard markup hierarchy - Use conventional html codes for headings, text, lists, and so on when you create your layout. Site Builder 3.0 makes that easy by providing a list of standard style tags in the "Format" box in its text editor. By marking your content subheadings in descending order—Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, and so on—you help your visitors understand the basic structure of your content.
  • Metadata - Metadata is basically "data about data"; for instance, a brief text description of a photograph or illustration. Site Builder 3.0 includes easy-to-use forms where you can input metadata for the images and other assets that you use. Simply including metadata for your images increases site accessibility for the visually impaired, and it doesn't take long at all.

For further detailed information on ANR website accessibility please visit our Accessibility site here:

ANR Website Accessibility