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Problems and solutions:

I need to add a video to my page. How do I start?

Type skips down two lines when I hit the "enter/return" key, but I only want to skip down a single line.

  • tip: Hold down your shift key before you hit enter/return at the end of a line.

I can't break out of a font style.

  • tip: Click on the eraser in the WYSIWYG editor. That will help you remove any pre-set formatting.

I keep adding files and updating them, but the page doesn't reflect the changes.

  • tip: Don't forget to update the text asset as well as the file you're uploading.

My image goes off the page.

  • tip: Reduce your image size. Simply click on the "File Display Size" dropdown and select a smaller size.

I have two "Home" links appearing in my site navigation.

  • tip: From your Site Builder 3 dashboard, click on the "Edit Left Navigation" button and delete the "Home" link. Sometimes you will still have an old link that was imported from your old site.

I keep adding files, but I'm not seeing them under the asset.

  • tip: Add the files using the upload feature found under the text asset you're working on.

My image does not retain the features I add to it in the file editor, such as the frame or size.

  • tip: Make sure you have "inserted" the file and not just dragged it into the text box.