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Q: I need to add a video to my page. How do I start?
A: Start simple, with a small video clip as a test. The best video files for the internet are .mp4 files. To make sure you have your files condensed and small enough for web use, please contact Mike Poe, Media Services Manager: mlpoe@ucdavis.edu
Q: Type skips down two lines when I hit the "enter/return" key, but I only want to skip down a single line.
A: Hold down your shift key before you hit enter/return at the end of a line.
Q: I can't break out of a font style.
A: Click on the eraser in the WYSIWYG editor. That will help you remove any pre-set formatting.
I keep adding files and updating them, but the page doesn't reflect the changes.
A: Don't forget to update the text asset as well as the file you're uploading.
Q: My image goes off the page.
A: Reduce your image size. Simply click on the "File Display Size" dropdown and select a smaller size.
Q: I have two "Home" links appearing in my site navigation.
A: From your Site Builder 3 dashboard, click on the "Edit Left Navigation" button and delete the "Home" link. Sometimes you will still have an old link that was imported from your old site.
Q: I keep adding files, but I'm not seeing them under the asset.
A: Add the files using the upload feature found under the text asset you're working on.
Q: My image does not retain the features I add to it in the file editor, such as the frame or size.
tip: Make sure you have "inserted" the file and not just dragged it into the text box.