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Support the ANR Strategic Vision Brand

We've taken many steps to offer variations in themes while supporting and upholding the ANR Strategic Vision visual identity within ANR. (If you'd like to read more about the ANR Strategic Vision Toolkit, visit the website: http://ucanr.org/sites/Toolkit/. For information on the Strategic Vision itself, visit http://ucanr.org/anrstrategicvision.)

Although Sitebuilder 3.0 is versatile and makes it easy for you to create well-organized websites, please keep in mind that a good brand creates or reinforces a user's impression of your site. Please keep your logos, layout, and look consistent throughout your site.

Here are a few key points to help you keep track of your site branding:

  • Keep your font choices, colors, and type hierarchies consistent.
  • Create a simple layout and make your pages conform to that style.
  • Don't use loud colors that clash or are hard to see, especially for type.
  • Please do not introduce new logos or use old logos that have been shelved.


If you have an outside sponsorship for a program or event, there are specific guidelines for mentioning sponsors on UC ANR web properties.

Please contact Scott Brayton in Development Services at sabrayton@ucanr.edu for more information on recognizing your sponsors.

  • All web pages or publications displaying a sponsor’s link and/or logo shall include the following disclaimer:  “Links to websites (or sponsor names and/or logos) do not imply endorsement by the University of California or its affiliates.”
  • A sponsor’s logo on the web or in print should be smaller (and under no circumstances shall it be larger) in dimension than the UC seal, the UC ANR logo, and/or the ANR program logo (e.g., the UCCE Master Gardener Program poppy logo, etc.) that may appear on the same page, ensuring that the public understands that this is a UC ANR program.
  • Avoid identifying a specific dollar value of the sponsorship. If a number of sponsors are being acknowledged, it is acceptable to identify a dollar range of sponsorship (e.g., “UC ANR thanks the following firms who made contributions of up to $100” and “UC ANR thanks the following firms that made contributions in the range of $101 - $1,000”, etc.).
  • The sponsor’s address and telephone number may not be identified, but the city may be (e.g., “Printing sponsored by Acme Printing of San Carlos”).
  • Corporate slogans must not be included.
  • Sponsors’ links and/or logos may not be displayed on the home page of any UC ANR Cooperative Extension office, Research and Extension Center, Statewide Program, or Business Unit. a. The display of a sponsor’s weblink and/or logo is permitted but is restricted to secondary or lower-level webpages.