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Amanda M. Linares

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Academic Coordinator II
Nutrition Policy Institute
1616 Capitol Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95814
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Specializes in evaluation of nutrition education, physical activity, and obesity prevention programs. 


M.S. Nutritional Biology, University of California, Davis. 2008
B.S. Nutrition Science, University of California, Davis. 2005


  • SPOT Award
    Presented by University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources,  2018

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Peer Reviewed

  • Rider, Carolyn; Linares, Amanda; Becker, Christina; Kao, Janice; Woodward-Lopez, Gail. (2019). From vision to validation: Creating comprehensive tools to self-assess eating and activity practices in settings where children learn. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. 

  • Pugliese, John; Rider, Carolyn; Linares, Amanda. (2018). What Works: Identifying Effective Nutrition Education Curricula Delivered to Low-Income California Adults. Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN. 

  • Rider, Carolyn; Linares, Amanda, Whetstone, Lauren. (2017). A Quick and Easy School Environment Assessment for Obesity Prevention Programs. Childhood Obesity Conference, San Diego, CA. 

  • Leung, Cindy; Ryan-Ibarra, Suzanne; Linares, Amanda; Induni, Marta; Sugerman, Sharon; Long, Michael; Rimm, Eric; Willett, Walter. (2015). "Support for Policies to Improve the Nutritional Impact of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program in California." American Journal of Public Health 105(8): 1576-80. 

  • Sugerman, Sharon; Foerster, Susan; Gregson, Jennifer; Linares, Amanda; Hudes, Mark. (2011). California adults increase fruit and vegetable consumption from 1997-2007. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 43, s96-s103. 

  • Ghirardelli, Alyssa; Linares, Amanda; Fong, Amy. (2011). Usage and recall of the Food Stamp Office Resource Kit (FSORK) by food stamp applicants in four California counties. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 43, s86-s95. 

  • Sugerman, Sharon; Backman, Desiree; Foerster, Susan; Ghirardelli, Alyssa; Linares, Amanda; Fong, Amy. (2011). Using an opinion poll to build an obesity-prevention social marketing campaign for low-income Asian and Hispanic immigrants: report of findings. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 43, s53-s66. 

  • Burton-Freeman, Britt; Linares, Amanda; Hyson, Dianne; Kappagoda, Tissa. (2010). Strawberry modulates LDL oxidation and postprandial lipidemia in response to high-fat meal in overweight hyperlipidemic men and women. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 29, 46-54. 

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