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Do you love to give back to your community? Do you want to help reach kids throughout San Diego County? Give youth opportunities to learn more about different parts of 4-H, livestock, pets, public speaking, and competing?

Contact our county representative at to find out more about positions available in our volunteer management organization or our advisory board positions. Current VMO positions that are open or going to open soon: Assistant Chairperson, Treasurer, and Fundraising Director. Current Program Board Positions that are open: Small Animal, Large Animal, Horse, and Dog.


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Junior Leadership Camp 


Junior Leadership Camp (JLC) is a two day camp program (Friday evening to Sunday morning) run by counselors, San Diego County 15-19 year old senior 4-H members, and is open to all members ages 11-14 to participate. Camp counselors plan the entire camp including the games, skits, and other fun activities. Adult volunteers, ages 25 and up, mentor our teen counselors before, during, and after this event. 


Planning of the 2020 Junior Leadership Camp is going on now. To find out more about JLC click here. If you are a senior 4-H member (15 years old or older on 12/31/19) or are an adult (25+) interested in helping plan this amazing camp or volunteer the weekend of please contact Pete, (619) 572-1308,

This Month's 4-H Story

Fidget Mats for Alzheimer's Patients - By HB and JC, Ages 18 & 19, Ramona Stars

The Ramona Stars 4-H Sewing Project made “Fidget Mats” for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s.  The project was a comfort service project inspired by the 2019 California 4-H State Fashion Revue.  The youth members in the project designed and made mats that had multiple tactile elements that Alzheimer’s patients could use to keep their hands busy while they are resting or watching TV. Click here to read more...

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Event Name Date
Junior Leadership Camp Planning Meeting 10/18/2019
Makeup Area Meeting 10/19/2019
Volunteer Management Board Meeting 10/23/2019

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