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How to Join 4-H


  1. Choose a Club. Click here to go to the community club page and map to find a club near you. Can't find a club in your area? Find out how to start a club by calling our county office at (858) 822-7735.

  2. Contact the Club. Contact the Community Club Leader for the club you are interested in joining to let them know you are signing up. They will be able to give you more information about the club, program fees (including if there are project specific costs), and the types of projects they offer.

  3. Attend a Club Meeting. The Club Leader will let you know when the next unit meeting is for the club so that you can attend, pay your program fees, and talk to project leaders about their projects.

  4. Submit Program Fees. Submit your program fees to your club leader at your first unit meeting. State program fees are $54 for the 2018-19 school year. Clubs and counties may charge additional program fees to help with costs.

  5. Sign Up in 4HOnline. Create a family profile online at ca.4HOnline.com. Members are grouped by Family, so you can add all the youth family members who want to join 4-H (and any adults that would like to volunteer). If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian enter the information. Click here to download the full instructions on how to enroll in the 4HOnline system.

  6. Get Activated. Once your payment has cleared your club leader will log in to the 4HOnline system to confirm your enrollment at the club level. Your enrollment will then be sent on to the county office to review. Once your registration is fully activated by the county office you will receive an email confirmation.




Questions that can not be answered by your chosen club, can be directed to the San Diego County 4-H enrollment coordinator, (858) 822-7735 or email dmcadams@ucanr.edu.

4HOnline Re-Enroll

To re-enroll each year, after submitting program fees to your club and attending a general meeting, complete online registration at ca.4HOnline.com.

For full instructions, please click here for the tutorial to re-enroll.


San Diego County 4-H Enrollment Coordinator:
Debbie McAdams
(858) 822-7735






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