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Expansion and Review Committee

It is the function of San Diego County 4-H YDP Expansion and Review Committee (E&R committee) to help expand 4-H YDP opportunities for members and adult volunteers, to help strengthen approaches to 4-H YDP delivery, and to add quality to the educational process. The expansion and review function is vested in the San Diego County Council as a subcommittee.

Members should include representatives of different ethnicities (minority groups), 4-H members and other youth from various geographic areas of the county, and persons who know the county and its communities well.

The composition of the group should reflect the diversity of gender, ethnicity, and ability/disability within the county. The group should also represent the membership of the 4-H council. Approximately one-third of the members should be senior 4-H members.

The county 4-H YDP expansion and review function is a permanent part of each county 4-H YDP organizational system, interfacing with other planning and advisory committees.

The individuals charged with expansion and review must meet as a group at least once per year to be considered active.

The annual responsibilities of the E&R committee are to:

  • Plan and implement an effective outreach program.

  • Review geographic boundaries of clubs.

  • Review one race units and the communities they serve.

  • Review constitution and bylaws of clubs.

  • Provide diversity training annually in cooperation with 4-H YDP staff.