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Awards and Incentives

The Awards and Incentives Committee reviews, formulates, and evaluates 4-H Youth Development Incentives and Recognition, including:

  • Youth, volunteer, and staff Countywide recognition
  • 4-H County Stars Program including All Stars and Emerald
  • Stars
  • 4-H record book
  • Pins, medals, and certificates

The committee also takes into account the following priorities:

  • Identify and formulate non-competitive recognition
  • Create and coordinate new opportunities for members, staff, and volunteers
  • Educate and promote incentives and recognition countywide
  • Utilize research on youth development regarding competition
  • Create an open process - receive input from county staff, volunteers, and youth on proposed changes


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Service Stars

The Service Stars of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are earned within the 4-H Club. They are earned on the total amount of club activity.  Keep track of the 4-H activities you attend, and committees or chairmanship positions served on. Presentations and Demonstrations play a huge role. They are required for you to earn any awards or ranks. You must attend your 4-H project meetings as well as the general meetings.  Turn in your Record Book for your leader to know what you have done. Record books are judged yearly and record keeping is a very important part of 4-H. Click here for more information on service stars...