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Start a 4-H Club

Interested in Starting a 4-H Community Club?

There are two types of 4-H clubs that can be created within your community, 4-H community clubs and 4-H community spin clubs. Both of these types of clubs allow 4-H members, from all different avenues in our communities, to participate in 4-H experiential learning projects and club activities as well as county, state, and even national 4-H events.


What are the requirements to start a 4-H Community Club or Community Spin Club?

  • Meet with a 4-H program representative or academic
  • 5 Youth Members from 3 Families, minimum
  • 2 Approved Adult Volunteers, with completed screenings
  • Offer at least 1 Project (subject) for a minimum of six hours


What are the differences between a regular 4-H Community Club and a Community Spin Club?

4-H Community Clubs 

  • Can have their own bank accounts
  • Have separate business meetings (general meetings) from project meetings
  • Are run by a youth led board (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc)
  • Youth vote on club finances and procedures, like their Bylaws
  • Club board members keep track of finances and business

4-H Community Spin Clubs

  • Do not have their own bank account
  • Business is discussed and conducted at project meetings
  • Volunteers make decisions regarding club procedures

Interested in finding out more?

Our staff would love to discuss more in-depth starting a club with you. Please feel free to reach out via email to sandiego4h@ucanr.edu or (858) 298-5895