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A uniform is not required for participation in any 4-H sponsored activity, event, meeting or occasion. California 4-H does provide a recommended dress guideline for 4-H events that require business, business casual, and casual attire.



Fairs do not fall under the jurisdiction of the 4-H program and may require their own clothing requirements for showing and can require a uniform if they so choose. Please check with your local fairs for specific details. 


Uniform  Guidelines

The California 4-H Youth Development Program adopted new 4-H uniform guidelines as of July 1, 2015. The decision-making process included a 4-H member design contest and voting by 4-H members and adults. See the California 4-H Uniform Guidelines and California 4-H Uniform FAQ for complete garment details and the transition plan to the new uniform guidelines.


The California 4-H uniform is made up of the following garments:

  1. Official green uniform 4-H hat branded with the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) and the 4-H clover logo mark. We are the only state to have a 4-H uniform hat. Many members display their achievement pins on their hats. A 4-H hat is NOT required for membership in the California 4-H Youth Development Program or for participation in any 4-H activity, event, or occasion.

    4-H Hat Etiquette

  2. A plain white shirt with a collar. Any length of sleeve, including sleeveless is acceptable.  

  3. Members have a choice of bottoms, appropriate to the event or activity, as specified in the California 4-H Dress Guidelines.  

  4. OPTIONAL: A traditional 4-H tie or scarf worn with the collared white shirt. The tie and scarf are both worn under the collar. Any member can wear either the scarf or the tie--whatever the member is most comfortable wearing.
  5. Alternate Casual Uniform: For casual events, members may wear their club or county 4-H branded shirt without the uniform hat. 

The 4-H uniform guidelines follow the protocols in the California 4-H Dress Guidelines that apply to all 4-H members.


Dress Code Guidelines

Please see the California 4-H Dress Guidelines for alternatives to the 4-H uniform that are appropriate for casual, business casual, and business attire settings. 



Purchasing 4-H Attire

4-H hat, scarf and tie may be purchased from:

Leslie Carman 4-H Club Supplies
(888) 466-9433 or (805) 462-9433

This company is listed as a resource only and does not imply endorsement by the 4-H Youth Development Program.


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