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What can you do to support the 4-H program?

You are vital in helping your child get the most out of the 4-H experience.

We want every 4-H member to feel welcome and successful in the program. To make the most of your families 4-H experience, adults are expected to volunteer. There are so many opportunities to volunteer, even in small ways: help plan a county event, organize club events and community service, help at club and county fundraisers, assist with booths or outreach your club may have, assist with enrollment or other paperwork, lead or assist with projects, plan or assist with club outreach like booths. 

Ways families support their 4-Hers:

  • Support and guide the project work of your child.
  • Provide financial support for your child’s project work.
  • Provide transportation.
  • Help your child secure needed materials or equipment.
  • Offer assistance to your 4-H program.

Please take an interest in 4-H projects and events and encourage your child to participate. If your child is taking part in an event, come and watch and visit with others. Interest and participation make 4-H strong. Attend local 4-H meetings. As a parent/guardian of a 4-H member, you will have much in common with other parents/guardians. Keep in touch with project and organizational leaders, or become a leader or an assistant leader. If you want to help, ask the organizational leader what you can do. He or she will appreciate any assistance or support you can give.

Want to become even more involved? Check out how to become a Volunteer. 

Supporting Your Child's Club
  • Step up and volunteer! Without your help, 4-H can't serve everyone in our community. Clubs and county events and activities are run by committees of parents and other volunteers that make these events great. Contact sandiego4h@ucanr.edu to find out what county committee need assistance.

  • Serve as a project leader. If you have an activity or hobby that you have a passion for and would like to share, then you could become a project leader teaching something you love to youth

  • Assume a specific club responsibility such as helping with member registration, working with a committee of youth to plan an activity, or helping a club officer with her/his responsibilities 

  • Adults helping in any role can be enrolled as a 4-H adult volunteer. Adult volunteers fill out an application and pay the accident/sickness insurance fee and are also covered under the University’s general liability insurance. Speak to your club leader or the county Extension office about how to become a UC 4-H adult volunteer ? If you know an individual, business, or organization that would be interested in financially supporting the UC 4-H program in your county, refer them to sandiego4h@ucanr.edu